Chris Hedges on Roots of Terrorism, Free Speech Hypocrisy and Translating #JeSuisCharlie + Rage of the Dispossessed

"Je Suis Charlie" The I AM has turned into I FOLLOW - protest canalised

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Updated: Jan. 14, 2015

with Chris Hedges

breakingtheset  on Jan 12, 2015

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses the lack of media coverage of the massacre of as many as 2,000 people in the town of Baga by Boko Haram militants. Abby then goes over the most outrageous responses to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and why the clash of civilizations mentality when it comes to these type of acts is so misleading. Abby then speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author, Chris Hedges, about the roots of the attacks in France and the relationship between global events and the rise of radicalization.

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Updated: Jan. 14, 2015

Paris Attacks: Rage of the Dispossessed

TheRealNews on Jan 13, 2015

Chris Hedges says mass self-exaltation of the kind we see in the photo is dangerous because with it comes a blindness


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19 thoughts on “Chris Hedges on Roots of Terrorism, Free Speech Hypocrisy and Translating #JeSuisCharlie + Rage of the Dispossessed

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  5. David, GBC, and DS, absolutely so! Good comments, gents!

    I’m totally in agreement.

    GBC, I don’t watch the Democratic Party shills (or apologists) on MSNBC but watch RT religiously.

    2015 will be a very interesting year with some unforeseen consequences around the planet from our reckless folly in our quest to control everything.

    Shiver me timbers!

  6. What I find odd is the recent trumpeted admission of responsibility by “Al Qaeda” in Yemen, while the supermarket assassin video claims it was all coordinated by the “caliphate.”

    So France dispatches an aircraft carrier to allegedly attack “ISIS/L” but why not the culpable Yemeni faction?

    Seems like the Western narrative of blame is rather confused and contradictory.

    Moi, je ne suis pas Charlie. They “sensitively” self-censored their cartoons depicting zionism but must be “legitimately entitled” to trivialise everyone else.

    B. Netanyahu enjoys sanctified and privileged exemption from satire in France evidently.

  7. I try, where I can, to redirect Rachel Maddow fans away from corporate media and its manufactured controversies and over to Abby Martin. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thanks, gcb. Sounds like a good plan. Maddow was pretty good during the Bush II years, but since Obama has been president, she only speaks the corporate/Democratic Party line.

  8. Absolutely right, Chris Hedges speaks not only with great intellectual insight, but from indisputable experience. His discourse is almost never distorted by axe-grinding personal prejudice or rose-coloured inflections.

    This is an excellent interview.

    Reza Aslan is a celebrity lightweight in comparison ~ not much of a religious scholar in my opinion…his arguments are weak, not infrequently superficial and frankly, naively gratuitous.

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