Koch Brothers EXPOSED: 2014 + Ralph Nader on What was Missing in President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Move to Amend Citizens United

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Updated: Jan. 22, 2015

Brave New Films on Jan 21, 2015

Billionaires David and Charles Koch have been handed the ability to buy our democracy in the form of giant checks to the House, Senate, and soon, possibly even the Presidency.

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The last time we exposed the Koch Brothers’ dealings to the world we here at Brave New Films wound up in their crosshairs. They produced online ad campaigns attacking us, but, it takes more than a banner ad to slow us down.

We’ve reissued Koch Brothers Exposed in an updated version, Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition, to shine a light on them. We’ve delved even deeper into where their money is going, who their money is hurting, and how much they are making during this whole process leading up to the 2014 Elections.

Two years ago when we made this film very few people knew who the Koch Brothers were or what the Koch Brothers were doing. But now, we so strongly believe that everyone should know what is happening that with your help and donations we are able to offer the film for free. We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see the truth.

(5:11) How the Koch Brothers use Citizens United to corrupt democracy

(7:11) The Koch plan to re-segregate public schools

(17:11) Koch University: Rewriting your Education
Is your school on the list http://www.bravenewfilms.org/koch_getinvolved

(21:02) Kochs VS The Minimum Wage

(25:09) Kochs & Voter Suppression

(31:26) Koch Attacks on Unions

(34:54) The Koch plan to dismantle Social Security

(38:20) Kochs & The Environment

(40:52) How the Koch Brothers Cause Cancer by dumping their toxic waste everywhere


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Esoteric Entropy on Nov 9, 2015


Ralph Nader on What was Missing in President Obama’s State of the Union Address

with Ralph Nader

Democracy Now! on Jan 21, 2015

http://democracynow.org – Much of President Obama’s State of the Union address focused on the economy and efforts to bolster the middle class with a push for education, child care and tax breaks. But did he go far enough? We speak to Ralph Nader, longtime consumer advocate, corporate critic and former presidential candidate. His latest book is called “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.”


David Cay Johnston: Class War Is Being Waged by the Rich Against the Poor

Democracy Now! on Jan 21, 2015

http://democracynow.org – Republicans have accused President Obama of waging class warfare for pushing for an increase in taxes and closing loopholes that benefit the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Pulitzer Prize-winning tax reporter David Cay Johnston says there is indeed a class war going on in Washington — but by the rich against the poor. Johnston’s latest book is “Divided. The Perils of Our Growing Inequality.”


Updated: Jan. 22, 2015

The Socialist Response to the State of the Union

TheRealNews on Jan 21, 2015

Socialist Seattle Council-member Kshama Sawant offers her rebuttal to President Obama on the economy, raising the minimum wage and police accountability


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8 thoughts on “Koch Brothers EXPOSED: 2014 + Ralph Nader on What was Missing in President Obama’s State of the Union Address

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  5. The way I see it, the United States of America must wake up to the glaringly obvious, and resolve to put its morally bankrupt house in order, or the rest of the world will find it necessary to complete the job on its behalf, due to its “absence of responsibility.”

    To anyone with even a smattering of ethical sense, it is an embarrassment at best; while less charitable opinion might describe it as a travesty and a disgrace. Or perhaps even more to the point ~ a lethal liability and deadly threat to all life on Earth.

    Derogation of duty and gross negligence do not constitute a coherent policy Mr and Mrs America..

    As for the evil twins: State of the Union? ~ no joke “bros” Koch.

  6. To Greg Wilson: Why did Floridians elect and reelect right-wing fanatic Rick Scott for Governor? When the voters keep someone like that in power, what do you expect?

    How are votes counted in Florida? Electronically, I suspect. Perhaps Charlie Crist did receive the most votes, but the software may have been “altered” showing a victory for Scott.

    Same methods might have been used to retain the notorious anti-union and pro-fascist Scott Walker in power during the recall election several years ago.

  7. When are you going to expose the Koch Brothers canceling all of the renewable energy grants for new innovation in wind energy. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott canceled the renewable energy grants when he returned from a trip for the newly elected Tea Party Governors in 2010. Florida is the State that has the most land to lose from Sea Level Rise.

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