The Stimulator: Our Shitty Situation


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Dandelion Salad

stimulator on Feb 6, 2015

In this sedition we look at the economic clusterfuck enveloping the globe, the mega drop in oil prices and the political party that has the left screaming like Justin Beaver fans.


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7 thoughts on “The Stimulator: Our Shitty Situation

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  2. Putin did say whatever sanctions the West put on Russia would have a boomerang effect and he was right.

    As soon as I saw oil prices start to drop, my 1st instinct was these are part of US economic sanctions against Russia, Iran and Venezuela. They are already laying off in Alberta and the oil sands. Economic activity is already slowing down.

    In my view, Civilization has always been a thin veneer preventing the Law of the Jungle from taking over. It seems to be unraveling Day by Day!

  3. This is quite a remarkable post Lo. How in the world did you ever find it?? I’ll listen to it again and again, but it should probably have a warning for adults only because of the language! Good work though.

    • I watched it twice yesterday. Always great information in an entertaining way by The Stimulator.

      I’ve been posting his videos since 2007 here, and on my old blog before that. Almost everyone of them with the exception of more recent ones because of his decision not to post on Youtube. Glad he posted this one on his channel. A few other recent ones I posted links to watch via his website.

      Check out all the others:

      About the language; for one, I don’t think children are viewing Dandelion Salad’s blog posts and for another, what truly is obscene? Can strong words not be used for the current economic situation? Personally, I do find it a “shitty situation”.

  4. Greece, along with Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc., would do well to consider thoroughly auditing their austerity-producing national debt to determine how much is odious. There is a good possibility those nations’ debt contains odious debt as a large percentage. The 2011 documentary “Debtocracy” explains odious debt in an easily-understood narrative, and gives examples of nations which successfully eliminated/expunged odious debt from their repayment obligations.

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