Three Evils of Capitalism

We are the 99% Defeat Capitalism!

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leftymathprof on Feb 15, 2015

Inequality, externalities, and alienation are inherent in any market economy, but they are not inherent in human nature.

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  10. Plutocratic gangsterism is the global norm ~ Woody Allen’s eleventh commandment is the cynic’s “golden” rule: thou shalt not get caught.

    I’ve been studying whilst travelling recently, Nafeez Ahmed’s remarkable “Insurge Intelligence” crowd-funded research project investigating the Intel/Google connection. This work demonstrates the highly organized nature of the weaponized information program of the Highlands Forum…

    What emerges from this spectral “occult” diabolism (….or black magic by any other name….) if we can realistically appraise its scope in this implicitly murky context of misdirection, privileged deception and outright corporate fraud ~ is US “vested interest” & dependency on predatory state-of -the ( -art gadgetry serving out-dated & chauvinist, imbecile assumptions concerning the intrinsic nature and facts of planetary life.

    The “eradicating ecocide” initiative is therefore both timely and urgent (2015 is the immediate window for this….) as it happens to coincide with the statistical data on the current economic parity of renewable energy options, vis a vis a declining viability of petro-chemical “forcing” with all its socio-ecological consequences, concomitant pathologies and misguided market implications ~ see:

    The pragmatic centre is now everywhere, while the circumference is limitless. Capital must serve community, the two notions are inseparable and reciprocal. What will it take to convince our “elected” representatives to face the empirical actuality that is staring them in the face? How stupid are they?

    How does a responsible employer deal with any staff member who refuses to comply with those prevailing conditions that actually determine the facts of their employment? Two choices ~ either rehabilitation through enhanced skill-acquisition & education, or dismissal.

    The problem in government, is that those who purport to serve us, are lining their perforated pockets at the behest of “invisible” paymasters with insane agendas, instead of attending to the job they were supposedly contracted to do, underwritten by hard-working taxpayers.

    As Mr Zimmerman once bewailed, you gotta serve somebody. Too right Bob, only what if my Lord may be someone else’s “devil..?” Shouldn’t we all grow up a little, and transcend that us-or-them mentality? Its gotta be our choice, nobody else’s….& as for those who dare not to choose self-determination or even aspire to it ~ shouldn’t we be setting some kind of ethical example, a benchmark of authenticity?.

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