Noam Chomsky: All Are Trapped By An Institutional Logic That Is Deeply Pathological And That Must Be Cured And Quickly If We Are Not To Put An End To The Human Race

Doomsday Clock: 3 Minutes to Midnight

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Lannan Foundation on Mar 19, 2015

Noam Chomsky was introduced by David Barsamian, then talked about his work.

[Prof. Chomsky begins at 5:50]



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15 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: All Are Trapped By An Institutional Logic That Is Deeply Pathological And That Must Be Cured And Quickly If We Are Not To Put An End To The Human Race

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  4. Wow. I’d never heard about Stalin’s offer in 1952 regarding a unified Germany and the subsequent U.S. refusal or about the “fuck you” from George Bush Sr. to Gorbachev in 1990. Scary stuff.

    Brilliant talk, as usual. Thanks for the great post.


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  6. As might be expected, a sterling address by Prof. N. C. superbly hosted by David B.

    What then do we do?

    The apparently high level of incidents of police violence in the US being reported on sites like Mint News, is disturbing to say the least, auguring the grim reality of a FEMA-fascist regime holding sway in America; whilst the spectre of IS atrocity swells to threatening proportions with Libya now on the front line of European security concerns.

    The US-neocon-evangelical-zionist-corporate cult of chaos is ratcheting the international state of paranoia up day by day. This does not bode well.

    I personally think that the US is heading for catastrophic failure, and likely domestic war measures as the Pentagon may have to take full control of civil conditions, to prevent a complete break-down and the ensuing high-level risk of nuclear anarchy prevailing.

    We are without a doubt teetering on the brink of the most dire global hazard; the only good news is that vast numbers are striving hard to remedy the endemic affliction that de-regulated corporate ecocide has ramped up, in its fanatical mechanistic pursuit of perpetual and inexorable collapse.

    It is total farmageddon as Compassion in World Farming has aptly designated the degraded state of the De-wilded West. Now, we might ask, why does IS not attack Israel? Should this puzzle us?

    The City of London has thrown its chips in with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; the implications of this cannot be underestimated. It has upset the Big Apple-cart and the repercussions remain to be seen, but it also has consequences for the way African “development” is broached, so no great jubilation on that score.

    The US is in deep trouble, how its corporate-pentagon-petrodollar cult leaders respond will be instructive.

  7. “…not entirely hopeless as your example shows, it still is a very large order for some of these corporately owned and operated US politicians.”

    In the case of Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert, he’s entirely hopeless. 🙂
    Keep on fighting the good fight.

    • Thanks, Jerry. I’m generally more hopeful, but not in the case of some extreme rightwing politicians. But miracles do exist. haha. And it would take a miracle to change some of these politicians’ minds.

  8. Lo,
    You ask what is perhaps the ultimate question,”would it make a difference?”, in light of the necessity for different, more accurate perceptions which offer a better chance of avoiding the environmental and military catastrophes Professor Chomsky warns about.

    Using the example of a historic debate on monetary reform in the British Parliament recently, where elected British MPs showed an astonishing, extremely low level of awareness of how money becomes created, one could extrapolate for American politicians whose low level of awareness on viable concepts Chomsky talks about.

    Similar to your senator proud to be one of the 47, friends and relatives of mine believe the only source for real, accurate news is FOX. This conjures up the image of “two ships passing in the night”, two or more perspectives in great need of “anchoring” so the passengers can interact on serious matters. Perhaps politician email inboxes containing links to Professor Chomsky’s talk won’t result in the “ships” anchoring and respective passengers getting to know each other well, but may at the least plant seeds for new thought which could possibly lead to improved international relations.

    The actor Strothers Martin’s line of dialogue in “Cool Hand Luke” certainly described the current dysfunctional political situation: “What we have he-uh, is a failure to communicate!” Perhaps using the successful model where millions expressed their wish for net neutrality to the FCC would, or wouldn’t, produce the same positive outcome(s). At any rate most people are good and decent, and can be trusted to rise to the occasion.

    • Thanks for replying, Jerry. I do believe in attempting to educate/inform the people even friends and family who watch Fox “News”, however, I am not overly optimistic when it comes to educating rightwing politicians. while not entirely hopeless as your example shows, it still is a very large order for some of these corporately owned and operated US politicians.

      I wrote my rightwing Senator about Net Neutrality, too, and received a reply from him that didn’t say much at all except he didn’t want any Federal regulations, a typical rightwing response.

  9. Any and all repeated efforts to successfully bring Noam Chomsky and David Barsimian’s talk here to the attention of U.S. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, along with the rest of the “47”, are greatly appreciated.

    • Do you really think it would make any difference? Just received a newsletter from my Senator today in which he proudly stated he was one of the 47. They are a lost cause, in my opinion.

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