Good Friday: The Holocaust by Rocket Kirchner

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
Originally published April 4, 2012
April 2, 2015

Had it just been another social injustice where just another man among many was cruelly put to death by just another unjust government, that would be bad enough. But since it is the Son Of God, who in perfect divine love gave his life for the entire world by becoming sin, bearing every pain mentally, physically, and spiritually, of every human being that had every lived and will ever live, it is THE Holocaust of unimaginable proportion and horror. So why do they call it Good Friday?

It is good because it is the ultimate expression of God’s love toward God’s creation. All those who feel worthless, unwanted, unloved have a demonstration not only in time-space history, but also by revelation when it comes to them, that God is for them, and for us all without condition. If you really sit down and think about all of the crimes against humanity by people who will use any ideology they can, both religious and secular to rule the world, nothing even comes close to what happened to Jesus Christ if indeed he is who he said he was. Nothing is even in the same ball park.

The word Holocaust in the dictionary means a great or complete reckless destruction and devastation of life. It means a sacrifice, a burnt offering consumed by fire. In the New Testament, Jesus talked about a baptism of fire that he would have to endure. For many years I thought that he dreaded it. However, the more I understand of God’s love personally, the more I see that he could not wait to pour out his heart of divine fire–love to the human race in sacrificial form. Hence — the word good. But what a paradox! No wonder the ancient Greek Philosophers called the good news of Christ madness. But there is that word good again. Good Friday. Good News. The slate has been swept clean. So what are we to think of Jesus Christ? Maybe that is the wrong question. Maybe the question is: what is Jesus Christ to think of us? Answer: He loves us.


Jesus on Cross

Metro East on Apr 1, 2013

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots (Luke 23:34).


And They Crucified Him – Art Katz

on Aug 29, 2009

Art Katz states that we have not only missed the cross in today’s culture, we have also missed the power of the resurrection. As a result we are living fleshly, sensual, and devilish lives rather than the triumphant-victorious life we have in Christ. This message is an appeal to turn back to Jesus as He actually is.

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14 thoughts on “Good Friday: The Holocaust by Rocket Kirchner

  1. Rocket ~ there is no mistaking the sincerity of your belief. Neither would I presume to challenge or diminish the authenticity of Cornel’s faith in compassionate solidarity, and social justice inspired by his direct apprehension of the Christian mysteries.

    My concern is probably threefold. First and foremost I reject any type or form of metaphysical tyranny, whether by threat of damnation, from lack of insight or sheer dogmatic certainty. Spiritual experience is, and always will be subjective. The phenomenology of visionary conviction is deeply persuasive to any individual who, for whatever reason, and by whatever means, is faced with the compelling and inarguable verity of their spiritual experience. This cannot be contested,

    There is a highly significant rider or corollary to this empirical socio-biological ethos however ~ namely this: all spiritual development is a subtle process, and as some would suggest, I think correctly, an endless process. Therefore to postulate a finished or complete state of unassailable enlightenment or literal certainty, derived from a single compelling initiatory existential crisis or drama of consciousness, may be unwise.

    We all change, and our coherent perceptions or understanding matures through reflexive learning from deeper and more catholic contexts. Take the example of Benny Shanon who wrote the Antipodes of the Mind, where he describes Ayahuasca trance as a mystical process of evolutionary, progressive, exponential and recursive sequential revelation ~ continuously supplanting and enriching earlier odysseys into the realm of eternal mind, spirit and consciousness.

    We must refine our understanding or perish in spiritual prisons constructed from the material of our own limitations. I don’t possess the truth. I don’t even know anyone who does. Those who profess absolute knowledge are inspired to confidence by their own conviction of certainty and infallibility.

    Rudolph Steiner spoke confidently of “higher worlds” from the powerful conviction of his own visionary truth; but Steiner, however eloquent and genuine, was mistaken for one simple reason ~ he ignored or excluded what did not conform to his imaginal prejudice. Moreover, he never applied a sceptical method to his pseudo-Dionysian hierarchy of angelic orders. This is what I mean by metaphysical tyranny. Not because of its intent, but its consequences, when received uncritically by others.

    HP Blavatsky was another even greater teacher in my estimation, who was equally flawed in her methodology, that led to misunderstanding; and left her vulnerable to severe criticism. The point though, is not that these individuals were “wrong,” they were merely consistently incoherent in their methodology. They did not use doubt creatively. They did not let the Dao-De illuminate their labours, and so became snared by the exclusivity of their unique universal understanding.

    There cannot be one and only one way. If that were so, the universe could never grow into a Jamesian multiverse. Off-planet gods and their sacrificial incarnations may be parochially comforting, but in the greater scheme of possibility, they are very limiting.

    Even the most conscientious rabbis have difficulty mastering the 37 volumes of the Babylonian Talmud, so four gospels really aren’t sufficient to convince; and although 52 additional gnostic documents may add enormous context, the bigger Orphic story is far more subtle and complex.

    Alexander followed the path of Dionysos to India, where Krishna had charmed the world with his humble flute; Apollonius inspired the schools of the Eastern Med. with his miraculous powers ~ Hypatia rocked the Hermetic Alexandrian elites with feminist Genius. Why boil it all down to one hypothetical dispensation? Why not delight in and celebrate the diversity of the living Saints of the Eternal Gnosis?

    • Well David have said a mouthful ..and on topic . i do celebrate the diversity of living Saints of the Eternal Gnosis . Limitation and exclusivity of the notion of God crucified is THE ultimate inclusion . a paradox indeed . And sacrificial incarnations are not comfortable for either the one who makes the sacrifice or the one who accepts it . And yes .. it is an endless process , for as Paul the Apostle said ”What the Law could not do, Christ did”. What does that mean ?

      it means that it was not only a one time event , but the reverberation of those who stop rejecting the sacrifice who have as what Kierkegaard calls been embraced by ”The Absolute Beginning”. This endless process has to start somewhere . ..and it spirals up as the reverberation of that event of God crucified /and risen burns a hole of the living flame of love in the contactee as he or she gives that love away .

      this is not metaphysical tyranny . metaphysical tyranny comes from the recalcitrant SELF that stubbornly refuses to accept such a gift…remaining in prison . Why ? because as i have written about and know very well from my own life , that all tyranny comes from the self . i am presenting the tried and tested antidote to the tyranny not as dogmatic certainty but rather as one who has first hand experience stands on a solid epistemic ground of this epiphany .

      what person in their right mind would continue to reject this ? a person not in their right mind . How can a person be in their right mind when the self rules them ? many masters have spoken of this . Only one liberates us from it . This Bodhisattva Jesus of Nazareth has the power. Hypatia’s liberation was for the intellect. Krishna ‘s warnings to Arguna was for the senses and its shadowy world . The Orphics were eclipsed by the Platonists . And the Platonists world of ideas and eternal verities came culminated in Aristotle . Appollonius reputation ended in miracles for miracles sake . All fine and well.

      in the middle of all of this stands the cross . There hangs the man , the God-Man . And a voice rings out from the poet ”This happened so that you may know the Christ of burnt men ”. Amen .

      • Well thank you for your deeply considered and authentic response. We shall never agree, because we are different. That much is clear enough. You cannot experience my consciousness any more than I can walk in your moccasins.
        What has persuaded you is the force of your own selfless enlightenment. So be it. That is as Zen an epiphany as anyone could wish for.
        There are those who argue that all mystery is deceptive. I do not subscribe to such reductive literalism. I acknowledge and welcome the sublime, the ineffable, the inexpressible. Without that there is no art, and art gives life meaning, just as poetry ensouls the possibility of an unfolding future by visiting all origins
        What interests me greatly, is a cognitive hermeneutic that permits change, that celebrates difference, that affirms identity ~ not self, but selfless Self. When we allow ourselves to be enchanted by the latent complexity of our own possibilities, then I suspect the world can be put to rights.
        It is this great jihad, that is the struggle for Reality; but to those who do profess Islam for example, and who do not get fooled by the misrepresentations of truth that masquerade as religion ~ the fake antagonisms that are so profitably peddled by the gangster cynics of the Snuff State ~ to those intelligent souls, I commend their own profoundly needful doctrine of Ijtihad. The freedom and the power to question, to analyse and to synthesize new dispensations and socially creative, philosophical solutions to Earth dilemmas and entheosophical conundra.
        Whatever is done in the name of whatever, let it be grounded in the intelligence that acknowledges its own alchemy of change. Nothing is fixed forever. All things pass. The God of gods, like an eternal fractal epicene matryoshka doll, continues to evolve, to vanish and reappear ~ to fuse and divide through the awareness of humanity as a cosmic drama of being and becoming, of increasing and diminishing. These are the metaphysical tides that stir and shift.
        This is the human-divine estate ~ a paradox, an enigma and a riddle, as Churchill once quipped. The only way out of this theatre of illusion is to seek an ecology of imagination that can co-exist holistically with the necessary transmutations of mortality.
        Dying to live.

        • David , oh yeah we agree big time on the blockheaded reductionist mentality . No one can tell us there is no mystery –its everywhere . a few things here :

          1. when I speak of the mystery of the cross , I am talking about something that as Peter says in his epistle ”the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world ”. In other words — in all eternity.. since God is love.. that Person’s heart always beats in pain for others even before they were created. once a person is created the Lamb was slain . These are deep waters .

          why was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world , if we look at this thing from a mystical paradim ? because once there is ”another ” , the lover of the other suffers because if they love in the divine sense their heart will be broken . Being slain is the heartbreak. of course in the time-space world all of this played out under the rubric of the Roman Empire . but in the eternal world it has always been . if we have been granted ”Eternal Conscousness ” this all makes sense. if not , then it does not.

          what blocks this enlightenment is the Self . I don’t mean the concept of the greater Self which is universal , but rather the piggy little self that without salvation is always imploding . and this to me is the root of the whole world’s problems and cause of all its violence . ..the projected imploding piggy self . to this , the Good News comes . Funny thing about all of this –I got it direct. this whole notion of Divine vulnerability being total , as opposed to the Pagan dietys being part vulnerable, Prometheus Bound getting as close to the Christ story as any … but still short , because of the absolute vulnerability factor .

          2. Conversion in its truest sense is never a ”self initiated activity ” but rather a response to an revelation .

          3. my frustration : having been on both sides of the coin here . In other words , though we may never agree on this , something to consider is that I have been on the other side of so called open minded position before my conversion . so I KNOW how crazy this whole proposition is now post conversion . I sympathize with you . But having spent 40 years on the side of belief after my conversion what else can I do but state what keeps happening inside me , at least as topical to social justice issues , literature , philosophy, theology , history , etc..

  2. Rocket, Thanks for the reply. I think you have misunderstood what David and I have stated. I can only speak for myself and do respect beliefs even though they differ from mine. I listened to an interview on the internet before from 2011. Dion DiMucci from the 1950’s Dion and the Belmonts rock and roll group. It was on a Catholic Network station. I was listening to some oldies from the 50’s and the interview popped up. He became a real believer and judging from what he said, has similar views as you, D. Day, C. West and so many millions more have and had, concerning God, Christ, or whatever.

    I don’t “hate” the misrepresentation of Christ, but when people use this spiritual Teacher/Master for certain things contrary to his true teachings, I have a problem with them.

    When right-wingers tell me they are “Christians” (which is anathema to His Message), I tell them I’m not a psychologist or a psychotherapist but a truck driver, but I’ll try to deprogram them if they want.

    Regarding religion in general, as long as people do no harm to others, I’m okay with whatever they believe in.

    To my way of thinking, practicing the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would others do unto you) is the highest form of religious/spiritual adherence to God or Universal Law or whatever you wish to call that Essence of the Cosmos.

    I’m not offended at all and appreciate your reply.


    • Frank , i have a real problem with the misrepresentation of Christ . This is the one who saved me . And his name is dragged thru the mud daily , and i will not remain silent.

      as a matter of fact , that is even more the reason to in word and deed represent Christ to others to clear this damn thing up once and for all. i have no interest in morals . the golden rule is nothing new . neither is the the way gold rules the world nothing new.

      what is new Frank is actually meeting Jesus risen from the dead . it happens to people every day . So i would ask you in all due respect these following questions:

      1. What have you go to lose by actually inviting Christ in?

      2. what would you do if it happened to you?

      Peace to you too.

      • Rocket, Whether Christ saved you or anyone else who made your life and affairs change for the better, I’m glad for you.

        If believing in Humpty Dumpty made your life better, that’s a winning number for you. We all believe in something, and even those who believe in nothing still believe in something because nothing IS something, however abstract and intangible.

        When you say you have no interest in morals, you lose me, because the teachings of Christ were full of morals, were they not? And if everyone of us on this planet conducted our lives and affairs according to the Golden Rule, life would be happier for everyone and we wouldn’t spend so much time killing, maiming, plundering, etc. over the millennia, not to mention the financial catastrophe from militarism.

        Finally, I’ll answer questions 1 & 2 and give you the last word on this thread.

        1. I’ve got nothing to lose by letting Christ in or leaving him out. It’s his message which is important to me, which with all my many shortcomings, I try to follow to the best of my ability.

        2. You’re assuming I haven’t had any “spiritual epiphanies” or Christ-Consciousness” (?) type of awareness. As a matter of fact, I have, but I don’t need to throw his name around for impressing others. We’re all on different levels of personal development and have different perspectives on various things, many of which are conflicting. I don’t have a bona fide answer for you, except to say that whatever works for you and causes no others harm, then “go for it!”


        • Frank , thanks for your candor . my questions were of course hypothetical . Morality and Christ are opposed to each other . Socrates is ethical and moral . Christ told people to let the dead bury the dead ( to a man who wanted to bury his father ). he told people to leave their own children to follow him . And he spoke of eternal Hell for those who rejected him .

          none of this is moral . but.. morality is man made anyway , and Jesus claimed that everything he said came from Heaven . talk about throwing the gauntlet down ! whew !

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  4. Sorry everyone, but I find Hollywood-style glorification of this suffering deity beyond repulsive….the brutal imagery is horrific and inappropriate, it is enhanced cosmetic literalism of the most perverse type ~ exactly the kind of lurid justification IS & evangelical psychopathic deviants delight it. Must we be so literally hung-up on this sexualing paradigm of a dying god ? This doesn’t look or feel like love to me, Rock.

    Can we not move beyond bone-chilling reinforcement of sado-masochist atrocity as deliverance from (original) sin? Should we not cleanse ourselves of cyclic haunting guilt? Shouldn’t we grow up?

    The late Mary Daly took enormous ~ albeit inevitably controversial ~ steps in the ethical deconstruction of this archetype with her ground-breaking Beyond God the Father. I also particularly recommend former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Haim Cohn’s classic legal analysis The Trial & Death of Jesus.

    I find nothing enlightening or persuasive in this grotesque patriarchal tale no matter how much (male) theologizing is invested in the story, or “festive” occasions are played out to celebrate the rehearsal of this implausible imperial drama.

    We know there is no life without death, the two are naturally implicit, but political murder and redemption are insalubrious bedfellows. What if?….what if apotheosis by sacrificial rite didn’t really happen? What if it did? If so, why has the world not yet found its cosmic place in heaven? Why is this planet still a living hell, writhing in the torments of self-inflicted pain and prurient piety?

    If we truly wiped the slate, our vision would be pure, our understanding wholesome, our aspiration inclusive, our consciousness unencumbered by fear, our future sanctified by universal certainty.

    • Dave, your last paragraph describes perfectly my conversion experience 40 years ago . this is the ”Romance of the dying GOD” –who was more vulnerable than any of the Pagan gods from Hesiod’s Theogony. To the degree one is vulnerable , one is invincible . Cosmic Law . no resurrection without this ultimate vulnerability . Grace cancels out all karma . This good Friday holocaust is indeed good . Plato’s idea of the Good .

      Mary Daly’s work was mostly against the Jesuits . She was a brilliant spit-fire , but there are some problems with her book on Patriarchy that I deal with in an article on this blog called ”Is the New Testament a sexist book against women ”?

      the death of Jesus of Nazareth is the anti-Imperial drama . that is why the confession of the Roman centurion is so important , because he committed treason by switching his allegiance from Caesar SON of God to Jesus Son of God . my article called ”The gospel of Mark verses the Imperial Mindset ”on this blog deals with this . Tacitus hatred of the followers of ”Christus ” confirms it is was and is an anti-Imperial drama message , not an imperial one as you suggest .

      You talk about cleansing self of haunting guilt and grow up . WE CANNOT DO IT. even e.m.cioran an atheist said we cannot break free from the tyranny of self . this is why I have been saying over and over and over and over –to the point of ad nauseum that until we make that crossing provided by the cross –the trade off , we will all be stuck in this insane arrested development , and this planet will stagger on to its doom .

      if this gospel of the cross of Christ is still deeply offensive to you , then it shows that you are at least paying attention . this OFFENSE in its most distilled form apart from Christendom , is the one knee jerk response than you can react too so vehemently , then you are not far from the Kingdom of Heaven . why ? because the enemy of revealed truth is not those who reject , but those who are indifferent .

      We both reject the globalization of indifference is just that I was hit over the head and dragged past the offense into a new birth , and I am standing on the other side not only reminding others that this is indeed real, but waiting for them to either reject or accept .

      • Rocket: I think I understand David’s comments and agree with his analytical input of the article and attachments to view. There are more falsehoods and contradictions in organized religious dogma which was basically created to make the uninformed populace subservient to the whims and dictates of the “Church Fathers” rather than for the personal development of the individual, regarding what we might term a wholesome, non-violent, non-malicious, society of a real brotherhood of man (and it also applies to women, unequivocally) to establish on this earth, a just and egalitarian society where we are truly our “brother’s keeper” or as they say – “one for all and all for one!”

        Emmanuel, the Christed Master, was a highly developed soul whose Teachings have been not only not taught by Catholic and the various Protestant denominations who’s priests and ministers teach the gospel, but have twisted the truth of being and slant the Message as they see fit in their congregations.

        What if the Christ wasn’t “crucified” on a cross and supposedly risen from the dead three days later floating off to Never Land (Peter Pan’s heaven) and let us mere mortals do what we seem fit to do.It hasn’t worked out too well, has it? And this from the supposed Son of God?

        Endless war, murder, rape, carnage, jealousies, rivalries, envies, deceit, manipulation, the continued slaughter of sentient beings (animals, fish, fowl – the biggest holocaust of ALL TIME!), the destruction of the planet’s environment (Eden?) and now GMO’s, to name a few of the biggest sins created and unleashed by mankind over the millennia.Of course, all in the name of “free will.”
        In an old Slavonic Bible, the words used concerning Christ (in English translation, of course) was the “Sun of Man.” Sun representing Light, or Truth.

        Perhaps the Master Teacher wasn’t crucified, but sometime thereafter left the Holy Land and returned to one of the Mystery Schools in Nepal or Tibet to continue teaching The Law to students ready for higher knowledge. Just perhaps.

        • Frank , Dave was off topic on this . my article about Good Friday had nothing to do with the Church , and hypocrites , and blah blah …the usual rather threadborn and banal unimaginative unintelligent excuse as to why people reject Christ on his cross . it has nothing to do with contradictions , falsehoods , religious dogmas , blah blah ..more excuses….( yawn ) …killing in his name ..excuses …( yawn again …..

          it has to do with this : if Jesus of Nazareth is more than just man ..if he is the God-Man , then anyone concerned with genocide and holocausts should consider that this was THE holocaust. Now , most people on this blog say they are concerned about genocide and holocausts , as well we all should be . but when it comes to this possibility that this was THE … one ..then people object . go figure . the only excuse if the truth be told is that they wont give up their life to Christ . Self still rules .

          you ask –”What if he wasn’t crucified and risen ? good question . i know that he is , because he revealed himself to me ..dead on the cross , and when i stubbornly kept rejecting , and his love broke thru i was transformed by his resurrection life 40 years ago. And many of the same people that we all respect on this blog like Dorothy Day , Cornell West , etc..etc.. have had the same thing happen to them too. are we all lying ? are we all deceived ? if so ..are we deceivers ? where do you think our passion for the poor and social justice comes from ?

          to admire the by -product of this deep inner working of some real Christians , ignore or just plain dismiss that it could be true is to not get to the root. is it that our Imperial self that in aggregate makes up a collective Imperial mindset which in effect allows Empires to exist be ignored. i am presenting the anti-dote . the cure. the Self must be dethroned . i am here to tell you this: the gospel of Christ really is true after all.

          if you hate the misrepresentation of Christ as much as i do –then Believe the real gospel . Either believe or remain offended bellowing excuses after excuses ….

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