Secretive #TPP Trade Deal is a Threat to Democracy + Bernie Sanders: No Fast Track for the TPP

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democracynow on Apr 16, 2015

democracynow – Senate Finance Committee leaders Republican Orrin Hatch and Democrat Ron Wyden are expected to introduce a “fast-track” trade promotion authority bill as early as this week that would give the president authority to negotiate the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and then present it to Congress for a yes-or-no vote, with no amendments allowed. On Wednesday, more than 1,000 labor union members rallied on Capitol Hill to call on Democrats to oppose “fast-track” authority. We speak with two people closely following the proposed legislation: Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, and Rep. Alan Grayson, a Democrat from Florida.


No Fast Track for the TPP

Bernie Sanders on Apr 15, 2015

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  5. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is more than secretive. It’s classified, members of Congress can read it but take no notes or photos, face prosecution for speaking publicly about certain details, and nothing but a massive corporate power grab. All Americans should call their elected representatives and demand that the draft become published and available for any citizen who wants to read it – before the pre-planned passage through fast-track authority.

    This is definitely NOT what democracy looks like.

    • I agree, Jerry. There are links at the bottom of the post with “Take Action”. My Congressperson always votes with the Republicans so will probably vote “for” it. She never goes independent ever. Playing the game to be safe.

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