American Christianity Versus Jesus by Rocket Kirchner

jesus of nazareth. stop the war!

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
May 12, 2015

1. American Christianity says: “It is God’s will that we prosper.”

1. Jesus says: “Woe to you who are rich.”

2. American Christianity says: “We must bring Christian values to the government.”

2. Jesus says: “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

3. American Christianity says: “To support family values is God’s will.”

3. Jesus says: “I came to bring division within ones family.”

4. American Christianity says: “Homosexuality is sin.”

4. (Jesus silent on the issue)

5. American Christianity says: “It is God’s will that we fight our enemies.”

5. Jesus says: “Love your enemies and pray for them.”

6. American Christianity says: “It is God’s will to tithe 10% to church.”

6. Jesus says: “Give only to the poor.”

7. American Christianity says: “We don’t need prison reform.”

7. Jesus says: “I was in prison and you did not come to me.”

8. American Christianity says: “The poor need to get a job.”

8. Jesus says: “Blessed are the destitute, theirs is heaven.”

9. American Christianity says: “We must judge those who are wrong.”

9. Jesus says: “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

10. American Christianity says: “We must support our military at war.”

10. Jesus says: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

11. American Christianity says: “We have our own prayers at our church.”

11. Jesus says: “This is how you pray, Our Father, who art….”

12. American Christianity says: “The rapture is coming soon to save us.”

12. Jesus says: “You shall be my martyrs.”

13. American Christianity says: “The death penalty is God’s will.”

13. Jesus says: “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

14. American Christianity says: “Our church is full of good people.”

14. Jesus says: “None is good but God.”

15. American Christianity says: “We have good teachers at our church.”

15. Jesus says: “Only One is your teacher, Christ.”

16. American Christianity says: “We represent Christ at our church.”

16. Jesus says: “Many will come in my name and deceive.”

Conclusion: The Jesus of the Gospels is AGAINST American Christianity 100 percent!!! De-programming is in order for those who hunger and thirst for the real thing. If you hate American Christianity as much as I do, then why not consider following Jesus, the antidote?


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20 thoughts on “American Christianity Versus Jesus by Rocket Kirchner

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  9. Comment from an anonymous user on Facebook:

    “America is so profoundly distant from anything that would resemble true Christianity, and yet it strives 24/7 to export its heresies, apostasies, and demonic church to the four corners of the world. This causes me to wonder if it is Mystery Babylon, the opulent super power which is said to fall in one hour?”

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  11. There are those who profit and those who prophesy. The cynicism (in the accepted sense of irresponsible opportunism) of the profiteers is very great, all “consuming” in fact .

    The prophets, or you might say, poets and mystics on the other hand, strive hard but their principled admonishments have little effect, falling upon deaf ears ~ whilst the fruits of their tireless labours tend to be dismissed as worthless, cast away to toil in stony ground, of scant appeal to the multitudes. (Now I’m beginning to sound like Cornel West…)

    The problem for me with Jesus. eponymous or otherwise, is that the forensic evidence is so meagre while the empirical morality falls far short of the altruistic message. For hundreds of years we have argued and fought about “goodness” and “righteousness” and “truth.” So far as I can determine we have scarecly advanced beyond the courage of Socrates.

    American Christianity, Harold Bloom has persuasively alleged, is entirely gnostic. I’d say that is a generous interpretation when one considers the utter madness of the evangelically devout, whose pious protestations and fanatical beliefs in impossible things like zionist exceptionalism defy all reason, logic, fact, existential reality or historic, ethical, literary or philosophical understanding.

    What’s left? Rocket offers us Jesus in the flesh. Yet whose flesh is it really, and which Jesus? Are we ever going to plumb the ultimate depths of this endless debate, that invariably gets so swiftly carried away into the realm of subjective phenomenology and hypothetical visionary experience.

    OK, read the pauline material, study the field, measure the gospels (all of them including those not canonical) listen to the desperate pleadings of the scholars and suffer the righteous implausibility of their dogmatic certainties ~ but then, finally, what do we have? More massive confusion, wrangling over pettifogging perversity and interminable disputation.

    Even if we had copper bottomed, bullet proof, “Essene quality” authentic texts, comparable to the Holy Qur’an, the Vedas or the collected literature of Judaism ~ then what? The interpretative hermeneutic controversies eclipse it all and we are transported without cease into the mindless futility of eternal discussion, nothing improves, nothing changes. We can only seek solace in and comfort from our respective preferences and prejudices, buttressed by occasional night journey’s and epiphanies of holiness.

    There can be nothing more serious than this ghastly problem, and an almost insoluble problem it is. Yet I sense a glimmer of possibility, call it secular ecology or deep ecology or mystical pragmatism or even just good “science” ~ perhaps more daringly “occult science” or metaphysical ethics or call it something else, but let’s consider the creative possibilities and the implications for human development.

    Surely we live in a time of the most extraordinarily enhanced intellectual capacity and learned experience, of colossally developed capabilities. Should we still be debating about archaic doctrinal matters when the ocean needs are immediate attention, when the ozone level is still threatened, when we could be facing an extinction spasm of gargantuan scale and scope, when the biblical epic of destruction of the cradles of mankind are unfolding before us like an infinite scroll out of Hades?

    Does Jesus have anything really helpful to say about all that? Do we actually care? If the USA is now the vaunted de facto ruling empire of this fragile Earth, then we must charge those imperial “stewards” with their responsibility of conquest ~ to actually do the Teitanic job they purport to covet so jealously.

    Wake up you pathetic idiots! Figure out something right for once!!

    • David , yes ..we are stuck in what Kierkegaard calls ”Socratic recollection ”. the antidote is ”the Instant or” the Moment” of conversion by one fell swoop of divine revelation .

      you want Jesus in the flesh –just look at his real followers . As Polycarp said ”we are the continued incarnation of the Son of Man ”.

      what does Jesus say about the earth ? the meek will inherit it . Check out the group EE –Evangelicals for Ecology .

      the goal of American Christianity’s leaders in my view is to distort the real words of Jesus, and control the masses. I am the de-programmer .

      • Yes R, Socratic recollection is a fine summation if I understand it aright.

        Jean Hardy is a Devonian who produced an engaging and enlightening treatise called A Wiser Politics back in 2011, that I think you would find valuable, it’s available to preview on Google books.

        Notwithstanding the pivotal historical importance of the Pelagian dispute over original sin at the 418 Council of Carthage (yet!) I am struck by a salient fact, namely that what I consider to be one of the most moral books ever produced, the Dao De Jing, has no need for the concept of God at all, let alone the Son of Man.

        The Queen of Heaven and the Immortals are perfectly sufficient. It is perhaps little known, that the English pioneer of scientific esotericism….who taught the Sacred Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel ….issued a splendid version….

        • David , I know a Pelagian scholar here . I am with Augustine on this one , because of his genius . me and him we have great conversations .

          the thing about a post like this is that we live in a pseudo –Christian culture matrix that needs to be exposed by the words of the One Christendom claims to represent . Jesus words in the Q sayings expose it .

          my 2 watch words in all of this is what Jesus said ”Follow Me ”. Since the gospel of Christ is not in the sphere of morality and ethics , but rather in the sphere of transcendence … there has to be clarification here .

          J.D.Crossan has new book out on how to read the Bible and still be a Christian . he said ”we are not Biblians but Christians ” . so true . again it comes back to FOLLOW ME . not Moses . not the 10 commandments . not the apostles , not great moral men or women . not ideology . FOLLOW ME . ME . ME .

        • Fantastic Rocket, I really get it, and sometimes, yes, I actually feel like I’m talking to the Bishop of Hippo himself when I am compelled to proffer comments on your posts!

          But, back to Jesus and the problem of anthropocentricity. OK ~ transcendence. Yes, I do get that too. Call it Raja Yoga by another name if you so will. Only here’s the coda: just as the wickedest man in the world (according to the criminal press of the day) agreed, and indeed affirmed that Love is the law; he also accepted the necessary corollary qualification of that statement ~ love under will. Thus we are entrained by necessity, to seek to discover and ultimately find that will and to do it.

          So your Jesus says follow him, but this new transcendent dispensation insists, don’t follow…lead. Or rather, follow your own spiritual economy of purpose, that is to say, seek the way of your own truth, that can only be revealed to you through the agency of your individual Muse, or Daemon, or Holy Guardian Angel or Spiritual Genius.

          How can you fault that? It is the path of intelligent freedom through the exercise of transcendent responsibility. No excuses, no let out. Each of us must find the original and unique Transcendental Intelligence that nourishes and serves our highest sense of what is True…

        • David , the key word here is ”Apotheosis ”in the context of the work of St. John of the Cross ”Dark night of the soul ”. Merton’s work on it called ”The Ascent of Man ”.

          this deals with God became human so that we can become Divine . we — the wood ..Christ -the fire = embers . cant tell where the wood ends and the fire begins .

          we become Embers –that is the Endgame of the great collective Apotheosis . I think that Paul really saw this . he got it . Mystical transformation that goes way beyond anything moral or ethical .

          as we follow the fire that is place in us by infused grace , this process begins . Sainthood follows , not virtue . Sainthood completes virtue .

          that is why we need clarification on what the Master demands of all of us . too much misrepresentation and confusion everywhere . sheesh . Lets back to the sayings in Q . strip it down , zen slap down .

        • Hi Rocket, thanks for the response, always interesting..

          I’m all for mystical transformation ~ zen slap down indeed….!

          Apotheosis is a loaded word, no doubt in the context of eschatology, properly understood it constitutes a vital esoteric formula ~ seems to me the Greeks owe a lot to Egyptian mystical, initiatory praxis….

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