The Stimulator: Big Brother, eh?

Big Brother is watching you

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Dandelion Salad

stimulator on May 30, 2015

This week we break Bill C-51, down Klanada’s sinister new law, that would give the Canucks increased spying powers over its population.

On the break, long standing hip-hop act Onyx, returns with “Fuck The Law.” We wrap things up with an interview with Antoine, a computer security ninja, about how we can protect ourselves from surveillance.

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From Dandelion Salad:

Suggested programs to use while on the Internet: (also available for Chrome, etc.) (searches)


Do not accept third party cookies through your browser, and I set mine to not accept any cookies and only add websites that I must use to the “exceptions” list and select “Allow for Session”.

Clear Cookies and Cache often.

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3 thoughts on “The Stimulator: Big Brother, eh?

  1. I’d never heard of Privacy Badger – I’m trying it out now. Thanks!

    A couple others to check out and maybe add to your list: Tor Browser ( – you can download and install Tor separately and use it with Firefox, but when you use the Tor browser, you’re sure it’s installed and configured correctly. There’s a Thunderbird (Mozilla e-mail client) addon called Enigmail that uses GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard, which is OpenPGP-compliant and interoperable with PGP). Former Dropbox users should check out SpiderOak (a Snowden recommendation).

    Also, Micah Lee at The Intercept wrote a great article about why and how to create extremely secure passphrases.

  2. Whatever Klanada’s is this Canada? B-51, it comes as no new news as the news in the colonist countries is pretty much the same news we may only need one news station in the future Global news? saving taxpayers money, the terrorist’s constant tightening of laws against terrorism is just a ongoing saga that largely misses the point, terrorism is just a small incidental outcome of in the main Western propaganda, the main act of terror is our own lot the Western Alliance governments, all working in unison for one main reason to divert the public’s attention to avoid the fact that wages for the past twenty or thirty years of stagnation, it is significant that he speaking on ABC, Big Ideas, is well informed as to what our problem is the rising costs of living in this time the cost of housing and the significant increase of production all making the rich richer, and the poor poorer, I would have to say that not only are the rich well endowed to legal criminal intent against the population, bu I have to say that when you listen to the working classes and lower middle class conversations and cultural attributions has to ask those who are attempting to work for the aspirations of the lower income lot as to why you would bother? the so called educated are also a problem at least many of them, whether they have become so specialized in their PhD’s, and as result become so narrow focused is debatable? also the so called educated becoming educational examiners as to the correctness of the written word? lacking the ability to understand ideas.
    Certainly the ignoring income factors and being concerned as whether you should be married or not if you are gay? I suggest the increase of activity of the gay movement has been assisted by electrical gadgets and the endorsement of the think tanks to governments indoctrinate the dissolution of the of the self of men and women? to control them as a economic commodity and consumer is all part of the conspiracy to avoid the pressing problems of significance such as the endemic killing of the innocent abroad in the name of war of righteousness of the the political correct of, ME and YOU or US.

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