Richard D. Wolff: The Coming Crash and The Recession That Never Ended

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The Big Picture RT  on May 28, 2015

Thom discusses the state of the U.S. and world economies with economist and author Richard Wolff in tonight’s special hour-long discussion.

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  4. Very worthwhile conversation. My hunch is that we should watch Spain, bearing in mind that the entire “new world” context arises from global Hispanic mis-adventurism…think of the Philippines, 400 years of Jesuit power ~ also that 30’s experience of the Civil War is profoundly engrained in the (South) European experience.

    As Germany completely transformed itself, so now that the shadow of Franco is fading, the new generation can begin to shake off that ghastly incubus of dogmatic psychopathology that also pervaded most of S America.

    Spain unlike Germany, has nothing like its industrial potential, but nourishes an extraordinarily vital sense of political possibility. The time is right for great change, and regenerative initiatives. These possibilities could spread rapidly throughout Europe, and beyond ~ even to Asia ~ once the recognition that environmental concerns & holistic education are the supreme keys to intelligent change, for future prosperity and a flourishing, fluid society that can ground itself in the dynamism of a greatly expanded sense of what humanity is capable of.

    Spain may yet surprise us.

    • Splendid post, David, and I hope you’re right.

      The “leftist” egalitarian communities in Spain were functioning quite well and the concept of real “communalism” – not “communism” – was growing, and as you know, was seen as a threat to the Spanish ruling-class, hence the Civil War.

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