Chris Hedges: Nobody Wants the Wars in Iraq or Afghanistan Except Raytheon, Halliburton, Northrop Grumman

Nov 19 March & Re-Occupy Oakland 038

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Updated: June 12, 2015

with Chris Hedges

talkingsticktv on Jun 9, 2015

Talk by Chris Hedges author of “The Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt” recorded June 8, 2015 at Town Hall Seattle.

[Q&A begins at 57:37]


Updated: June 12, 2015

Chris Hedges at Kshama Sawant Kickoff Rally

Kshama Sawant on Jun 11, 2015

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8 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Nobody Wants the Wars in Iraq or Afghanistan Except Raytheon, Halliburton, Northrop Grumman

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  3. …very strong stuff from Chris H. in support of Kshama…does anyone else feel those (spurious) establishment foundations trembling? With this kind of energy, never say never….but we should always be very wary of relying too enthusiastically on echo-chamber politics, or being seduced into a false sense of exhilarated self-confidence.

    It’s a continuity, a process, and we should not forget the truth of those inspiring life metaphors that regulate all empirical possibilities.

    • Wise words, David!

      I heard Chris H. interviewing Kshama S. on the radio and she was dynamic. That is “proof pudding” that a third party candidate with a genuine message of sincerity for helping the common people can get a candidate elected in a major city without having to compromise themselves by having to switch to the Democratic Party in order to win.

      I have trouble with the “independent” Bernie Sanders running as a Democrat. Perhaps he could learn something from Sawant on how to run a successful grassroots campaign without selling his soul to the Devil for political gain, because the D’s will do to him what they did to Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich..

      • So true…I tend to agree with Lo on this, strong state-based independent alternatives at the local level.

        I have the gravest misgivings about a Mrs Clinton Presidency, but whoever gets in the crazy seat with their hand on the drone stick, it will be a nightmare of nuclear proportions.

        So gratified you appreciated Colin’s article. He’s an incredibly wonderful force for methodical and intelligent movement toward sanity in my estimation.

        • David, I wrote a short comment on that website but it wasn’t posted. As of last night, your was the only comment on Collin’s article. ???

        • Should have checked it first before I posted. My comment is on it.
          Again, Colin’s vision for a just, sustainable, and humanely sane world is simple but brilliant, and actually “workable” once we get greed and self-aggrandizement out of the equation. It’s not at all a utopian idea.

          Look at all the natural resources and precious metals, and of course petroleum-based products used by the “armed forces” of the world, which are wasted on nationalism and the notion that countries are “protecting” their citizenry from the ever-present perpetual enemy lurking nearby, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

          From the most primitive of societies to the most “advanced” – a questionable word – especially with the MAD (mutually assured destruction) capabilities of so-called “developed (but not spiritually) nations, people would rather have a pleasant, comfortable life, getting along with their neighbors, rather than killing them, and risk being killed or maimed themselves, but are conditioned from childhood to accept this barbaric practice as a rite of manhood and masculinity since time immemorial. Of course, the film industry glorifies it, making a fortune besides impressing young minds to do the bidding of the ruling-class.
          It works like a good Swiss clock.

        • I couldn’t agree more Frank.

          Colin Tudge is one of the principle founders and originators of the Campaign for Real Farming. He’s published a fair bit, and his biological writing is highly regarded.

          He recently led the first Agroecology short course at Schumacher College about a year and a half ago (that I was fortunate to be awarded a 50% bursary for, and was thus able to attend.)

          The annual Real Farming Conference in Oxford has been growing steadily in strength, support and influence. It’s the real deal so far as I’m concerned, and so I deeply respect Colin’s socio-political analysis, that is profoundly lucid and inspiring in my estimation. Once you “get it” all the rest of the vapid drivel that infests our politics and economic narratives just sounds pathetic.

          I don’t think the people who profess to be so expert in their respective fields, really have a clue about the urgency and severity of the present dangers, both the exponential threats to our biosphere and the genocidal chaos that the US corporate estate has let loose upon the world at large. I do not believe the risk of a “sixth extinction” is at all exaggerated. The problem for the “leaders” is they must not only serve their paymasters, but also reassure an ill-informed electorate that things will always get better on “their watch….”

          Hmm, that Swiss analogy rings true on so many levels…

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