Chris Hedges and David Swanson: Cold War Redux + Hedges on ISIS + Hedges: A Time For Rebellion?

2015 DC Spring Rising Agains War 7

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with Chris Hedges and

with David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Let’s Try Democracy
July 1, 2015

RT on Jul 1, 2015

Over the past year at CrossTalk we have asked guests many times whether we face the specter of a new Cold War. Today it is all too obvious there is a new Cold War. What we need to ask now are the terms and conditions of this conflict and the possible outcomes.

CrossTalking with David Swanson, Vladimir Golstein, and Chris Hedges.


Power does not reside in the White House; it resides in corporate headquarters – Chris Hedges

RT America on Jul 1, 2015

Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, says that the 2016 presidential race is less about choosing who to put in power and more about making Americans feel a certain way about a candidate’s ‘manufactured personality.’ Hedges talks with Alexey Yaroshevsky about conflicts that have paralyzed the Middle East and created the atmosphere necessary for the Islamic State’s rise.


Chris Hedges, A Time For Rebellion?

Joe Friendly on Jun 30, 2015

Chris Hedges interviewed by Joe Chuman about how bad things are and what we should do about it, with particular attention to Wages of Rebellion, Chris’s latest book. Advocacy Forum June 30, 2015 of the New York Society For Ethical Culture. Video by Joe Friendly.

Dr. Joe Chuman is a Leader at the New York Ethical Culture Society and the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, NJ. He has a Ph.D. in religion from Columbia University where he teaches human rights and religion.


Chris Hedges interview with Derrick Jensen June 21, 2015

VulgarTrader on Jun 22, 2015

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  8. Not much to add to this conversation, anyone with even a scintilla of wit must concur with Chris Hedges’ precise characterisation of Washington hubris. Although, “historical amnesia” is a euphemism; I’d call it plain ignorance.

    Sad to relate, and however we’d like it to turn out, the imbecile leaders of the neo-liberal cult that run and are running to ruin this God-forsaken country, have had their moment. The US has abused every privilege of circumstance and overplayed the stacked hand the ironic Fates dealt. It’s over. Now they’re rolling down the Mississippi without a a captain or even a legitimate prayer, poker-drunk with toxic power and heading straight into the “dead zone.”

    • Well said, David! I watched the interview on RT with Hedges, Swanson & Goldstein.

      The US/NATO build-up of weapons of mass destruction in the former Warsaw Pact nations may be the primer to destroy this planet, making all previous wars look like dress rehearsals by comparison. “Dead-zone” indeed!

  9. His explains The Cabals faux warming to Cuba. Remove them from equation by enslaving them to usury and monsanto. Another source of imperial cheap labor.

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