Chris Hedges: Liberals are a Dead Force, Part 1

"Stop Bitching - Start a Revolution"

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with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Jul 6, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges discusses his new book with Paul Jay. In part one, they focus on the revolutionary significance of the life of Tom Paine, a man who understood the moral imperative of revolt and was willing to pay the price.


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3 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Liberals are a Dead Force, Part 1

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  3. This is an excellent short discussion.

    Strong alliances are surely the key. Intelligent organization. That is a practical strategy that is altogether rational and necessary. It does not have to be overtly “political” either, altho’ any coherent form of social enterprise will inevitably have political repercussions and implications; it can assume any form our ingenuity can devise. So we should beware of Manichaean despair and revolutionary illusions reliant upon monohistoric myopia.

    The history of China is instructive. Dynasties founded by rebels and overthrown by further rebellion, leading to ever more complex cycles of cruelty and renewal, driven by a cultural conviction that superiority is celestially endowed.

    The world is massively diverse, unfathomable and in perpetual revolution, as it physically revolves, pulled by cosmic tides and forces ~ a single Solar eruption could disable our infrastructure in one cataclysmic event. Imperial astrologers always have attempted to foretell such momentous singularities from arcane signs, but even the material sciences we deploy today are inadequate to the task.

    The Pre-Socratics knew a thing or two. Life is indeed a continuous social flux over which we have probably but little control and perhaps only limited influence. The fact is moral imperatives rule our actions if we are capable of ethical discretion. To change things we must be focused on clear intent informed by experience, unencumbered by doubt and equipped with the most effective means.

    Try as we may, we cannot avoid metaphysics, even if we are biologically convinced Darwinian evolutionists. Our knowledge is fractional and fractal. The Cosmos is 98% hidden from our symbolic understanding as determined by the most advanced methods. So reality is not to be sought in ideological prejudice, but in the probabilities of a metaphysical calculus that allows for factors completely unknown and forces that are quite literally occult.

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