Chris Hedges: The Enemy is Corporate Power, Part 2

Don't Shoot

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Jul 7, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss Ferguson, Baltimore and the need to build a movement with candidates that targets white supremacy and corporate capitalism.


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6 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Enemy is Corporate Power, Part 2

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  5. US karma is dire.

    We seem to have never been able to face up to that imperial vice of “open season on aboriginals.” How can US citizens turn a blind eye to these “police” abominations?

    These are not legitimate, properly trained police, they are brutal mercenaries. Why is the public so muted? And why doesn’t the rest of the world communicate to Obama its disgust and dismay at the infamy of his hired guns. Gratuitous domestic violence is now the norm in America the brave, sanctioned by a smug and cynical administration, led by a mixed-race tokenist. Amazing grace, you bet…

    Diplomacy is one thing, hypocrisy quite another. Then we wonder why we are all feeling so sick and dispirited! Anyone and everyone who evades the responsibility of calling the US to full account is simply exercising contemptible moral cowardice. Shame must be their just reward, and weakness their enduring legacy. Weak willed, weak resolve….shame, shame, shame!

    Chris Hedges is emerging as something like the moral conscience of a nation, while Jill Stein appears to be one of the few politicians worthy of that job title.

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    Yes corporate power is same as royalty. We must depose the tyranny and restore our civil liberties. A Reformation if you will.

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