Richard D. Wolff: I’m Becoming a Fan of Pope Francis: “Capitalism Runs Counter to the Plan of Jesus” + What is Community Wealth Building?

Pope Francis rips capitalism and trickle-down economics

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with Richard D. Wolff

RichardDWolff on Jul 22, 2015

Global Capitalism: Monthly Economic Update

“Winners and Losers in Today’s Shifting Capitalism”

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month. Then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For July 22nd, these will include:
1. Greece and the choking of Europe’s welfare state
2. Capitalism’s shift from “old centers” (north America, western Europe, and Japan) to “new centers” (China, India, Brazil, etc.) brings harsh politics
3. Financing workers coops as a better way forward

Professor Wolff’s Website:

[Wolff on Pope Francis starts at 37:00 minutes in]


What is Community Wealth Building?

Traditional economic development wastes billions of dollars of taxpayer money to subsidize the profit of corporations with no loyalty to the communities who foot the bill. But there’s an alternative: community wealth building, which focuses on building collaborative, inclusive, and locally controlled economies.

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18 thoughts on “Richard D. Wolff: I’m Becoming a Fan of Pope Francis: “Capitalism Runs Counter to the Plan of Jesus” + What is Community Wealth Building?

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  7. Important talk. Very clear analysis from Prof. Wolff, can’t fault it. My kind of revolution ~ actually, intelligent evolution. His commentary on Roman church strategy is also particularly astute.

    The issue for the capitalist junta is that there is nowhere left to hide. Planet Earth real-estate is all here, ground zero is in the lens, most of it clear as day on Google maps. As the GP satnav says “you have arrived….”

    Check the Forbes list of 25 most powerful asset rich corporations in the world right now, guess what? the top four leaders are all Chinese banks! So as they say in the funny papers ~ go figure. (Of course, it’s an illusion, the Chinese “miracle” is a total myth. Just try to calculate the environmental restoration, pollution and health costs, not to mention the costs to the global climate, species and well-being of our biosphere commons…..)

    • Astute observations, David!

      Back in the 1980’s, there was the “Japanese miracle” which the capitalist class, at least here in Amerikkka prized for it’s so-called efficiency and state of the art technology.

      The Chinese authoritarian government embraced Western-style capitalism in order to build and modernize their economy at a heavy cost to the environment and with it, a newer form of worker exploitation coupled with capitalism’s insatiable desire for endless “growth” while destroying the eco-system and the health of the people, in their quest to build a super-economy.

      And this type of industrialization is called “progress?”

      • I value your inputs greatly Frank.

        John D Liu’s story about the Loess Plateau is a great inspiration and counterweight to the prevalent babbling insanity of the financial marauders

        However it is ironic in the extreme that JPMorgan & the World Bank were both implicated in this remarkable initiative 10 years ago, a fact that gives serious pause for thought; whilst also alerting us to the real plausibilities of a functionally effective, reformed economic system ~ whilst also reminding us of the profound scepticism necessary, to combat endemic institutional abuse and the likely deployment of “reform” as a propaganda ploy, an “apt” imperialist exigence.

        These folk don’t just give away the shop….but Richard D Wolff really nails the US context in my opinion.

        • David, thanks so much for the article in the EEMP. John D. Liu is first-class (or “first-cabin” as my friend Mac would say) in his reporting.
          A very touching story, to say the least.

  8. That’s not what Christ commands. He says we’re supposed to help the needy. Not oppress the widow, not oppress the orphan, not oppress the homeless. He says we’re supposed to follow him, and not earthly pursuits. But he doesn’t say we’re supposed to produce an economy that guarantees a job for everyone. (tho an economy where there were enough jobs for everyone would be nice)

    But when that’s the goal, you end up with a different way of achieving almost the same thing we have now. — You end up with a population which serves the system. ….Coz we have to maintain the system at all costs. Coz that’s what provides the jobs the people need.

    Things will be just like they are now. Only probably worse. Those at the top of the system and food chain will enormously benefit (all out of proportion) to their contribution. Coz they’re parasites.

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  10. This is an excellent post. Just the concept of having an excellent scholar like Richard Wolff recognize the contributions of a leader of a religious organization to our plight created by and extreme dedication to unfetted capitalism serves an excellent purpose and service to humanity!

    • Thanks, Tom. It sure is. The entire 1 1/2 hour talk is definitely worth listening to, as well as he goes into Greece and worker cooperatives. The second video is excellent, be sure to watch it, too.

      • I agree Lo, the entire talk is extremely valuable, indeed the vital information about the fraudulent mechanism Goldman Sachs devised to deceive everyone about the Greek balance sheet in 2001, alone, is essential knowledge that should be shared and broadcast widely.

        It is both sobering and scandalous, to arrive at the shocking realisation & reach the inevitable conclusion, whether reluctantly or with relish (from an abiding sense of vindication, should you have happened all along to be a seasoned sceptic) this ineluctable conclusion therefore ~ now so unequivocal and unambiguously evident as to be virtually certain ~ that the established system is thoroughly corrupt, & simply cannot sustain its despicable pretence to noble intention much longer.

        What do habitual criminals do when they finally accept the game is up, and it’s a fair cop? They engage a suitably oleaginous shyster to plead their case. Seems to me Barak Obama has already done quite a polished job of covering up the iniquitous behaviours of Wall St. Of course his future is guaranteed and gilt-edged, just like all the rest of the corporate stooges in politics. Vile creatures…..villainy incarnate.

        What next?

      • Yes, Lo, both videos were excellent, and the website is treasure chest of ideas and proof pudding of what has already been done and continuing forward by various groups and organizations for the betterment of society. I’ve never seen the website before and I am thoroughly impressed by it. That “is” the future!

        Thanks, again!

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