Chris Hedges: Boycott Israel’s “Apartheid” State

Massive DC Rally And March For Gaza 35

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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jul 30, 2015

In an exclusive interview, investigative journalist Chris Hedges talks about his experience during last year’s destructive Israeli siege of Gaza. He explains what he saw as an “apartheid regime” and how the violence on the ground pushed him to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the state of Israel. Hedges also explores the fractured relationship between the US and Israel. Watch the full interview with RT’s Anya Parampil.

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28 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Boycott Israel’s “Apartheid” State

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  10. I realize that i am coming in late on this dance …so i hope you all don’t mind if i cut in . The whole thing about the Hebrews being the Chosen people is not about the Hebrews but it is about the God that chooses.

    So on one hand you have ignorant Jews and Christians who support the present Occupation that has nothing to do with them being Chosen , and on the other hand you have the secular mindset rejecting the whole idea of Divine choosing , and even the existence of the God of the Hebrews and even not believing in a personal God period .

    i would like to offer a third view of this : For some reason the Maker of all things seen and unseen chose this little tribe that has survived Empires . Why God chose them i don’t have any idea. but then again why God does anything is a mystery to me . but again as i said –it is not about them , but about the God who chooses .

    Now , with this choseness comes a huge responsibility . The present Occupation of Palestine is proof positive that once again there are a number of Jews that have transgressed and have not taken responsibility for their Choseness , and have countered that Choseness by choosing hatred over Divine love. Of course this is nothing new . They rejected the Law of Moses dancing around the golden calf , persecuted their own Prophets and Killed ( yes — killed Jesus the Messiah ) by delivering him up to the Romans to do the dirty work , because it was against the law for them to execute . only the Romans could do that.

    so , here we are in the 21st century and this pattern of disobedience of a certain type of Jew against God continues in the Oppression of the Palestinians . This is why Israel will collapse. the God that chooses will not allow this to go on much longer . So the conundrum for the Gentile is to love the Jew in their apostasy against the God who originally chose them to love . But in loving them , those of us who are Gentile followers of Jesus the Messiah must not support the Occupation .

    That Gentile love will reach critical mass and overwhelm the Jews to the point to where they will finally stop resisting God ‘s love , because it will come thru the Gentiles who have been redeemed themselves. Then there really will be peace on Earth . Until then , this thing remains a tragedy and a mess .

  11. Lo, Whatever you think about RT, they covered the genocidal horrors of the Israeli bombings of Gaza last year, where American msm wouldn’t dare touch. Two Israelis I admire tremendously are Uri Avnery and Jonathan Cook, on their reporting of the continuing “conflict” between the Palestinian and Jewish people of that country.

    But to answer your question, how do you know for sure that God (whatever that is) chose the Hebrews to fulfill His/IHer/Its (gotta get in all the genders)
    so-called “Laws?” Can other groups, tribes, races, etc. teach the Right Path Rules for Personal Development in bringing the human race to a higher level of evolution?

    You misunderstood me.I didn’t say Gentiles have to serve the Jews, but with the logic which one group makes that they “were chosen” by some supreme deity to teach others, by that very meaning it sets them apart as a sort of superior people with special knowledge for others to follow.

    On this “God loves all (inclusive) people” statement, it’s very odd that this benevolent “God” would allow so much cruelty, death, destruction, misery & suffering over the eons. Maybe this “God” is just a neutral entity and that by our thoughts, than our actions, for good or for bad, effects us directly and indirectly in the course of human evolution in the longer scheme of things.

    On Zionism, like David, said, “it’s a political ideology and doctrine of dominance.” Nothing to do with authentic Judaism. During the Third Reich era, most Nazis had either Catholic or Protestant backgrounds, and obviously didn’t follow the teachings of those religions, believing they were the chosen people, aka the “master race” to lead Europe for the next thousand years.

    Finally, I like the way the ancient Persian Mystic and Master, Zarathrustra, summed it up:

    Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

    If we followed and put into practice those six basic words, we would all be God’s “chosen representatives” in this earth-plane existence.


    • Frank, I suggested that you read the comment section of an RT video for proof of increasing anti-Semitism.

      You initially brought up the words “Chosen people” in your first comment on this blog post. I find that interesting since you don’t believe in God. This post is not about religion, it is about the state of Israel and its military actions.

      If you do not believe in God, why even bring up something like this? I have found that those who do bring up such comments tend to blame the Jews for Israel’s actions (and many others things as well). Judaism is not Zionism. There is no “superior” group of people.

      If you haven’t seen this post, I suggest watching the videos:

      • Lo, I respect your feelings and convictions, but we are not going anywhere with this. Comment sections, whether on RT or elsewhere have a plthora of anti-this, that, and the other thing. Comments on Yahoo news articles against Russia and Putin are probably the worse. Also bear in mind that many posters are agents of the government trying to bait people for whatever reasons, with some of them having as many as ten screen names (coming from the same source), but sounding like it was an open debate, with the same person posting comments under different screen names.

        I have nothing against honest and non-violent Israelis or honest and non-violent people anywhere. Whether it’s the IDF, American Imperialist forces, the Martians or whoever, I criticize them for their “actions” not their ethnic, religious or racial background. Hope you understand.

        Read my last post again.

        • I agree with you, Frank. Comment sections are indeed full of propaganda, racism, slurs of all kinds, etc., which is why I moderate the comments here. But since I’m Jewish, I do notice the vulgar comments regarding “all Jews” when it comes to the state of Israel and its actions. Many of which include the “chosen people” in their words and saying that the Jews think they are “superior” because of it. And that is untrue. It’s probably best to leave that out in a discussion about Israel’s war crimes. Not all Jews are Zionists.

        • Lo, I’m glad we finally come to a constructive understanding.

          Peace, Harmony and Understanding

  12. David, Thanks for the link. I watched the Kevin Neish interview and the George Galloway interview, which was so illuminating, as G.G. has been a hero of mine for many years. I agree with what you said in your latest post of Aug.5, at 5:51 am.

    To use a cliche, I’d say Alfred Nobel “would turn in his grave” if he saw who was given the “Peace Award” these past few decades, contrary to the original intent of such a prize.


  13. Perspicuous content, for sure!
    Yes on BDS!

    Good interview of Hedges by Anya Parampil.

    RT covered the Israeli slaughter in Gaza last summer, where big the corporate media stations in America feared covering, fearful of Israel’s and AIPAC’s wrath.

    Chosen people? Chosen to do what?

      • Thanks, Lo. I read both links and I’ll simply sum it up with a famous reference: “By their works shall ye know them.” And not to forget Hillel’s Golden Rule quote. Those two pieces of advice are very important for the human race to understand and follow to the best of their ability.

        • Yes, very important pieces of advice.

          Just to be clear, in criticizing the government of Israel and its military actions it is not criticizing Jews or Judaism as a religion. Unfortunately, many people lump “all” Jews together and think Judaism has something to do with Zionism. One is a religion, the other is a political issue.

          I can’t say how many times I’ve heard criticism of the nation of Israel and/or its military actions all in the same sentence as Jews are the chosen people as if the ancient Hebrews to modern day Jews actually made this up. God chose the Hebrews, not the other way around.

        • A critical distinction, all too often elided. To quote a citation by the Christian apologist Edith Schaeffer (“Christianity is Jewish” 1975) ~ of anonymous or unknown origin

          “How odd of God
          To choose the Jew,
          But not so odd
          As those who choose
          The Jewish God
          And hate the Jew…”

          How ironic it is that the evangelical right so ferociously support Zionism, a political ideology & doctrine of dominance that without their (financial) support would be dramatically less confident, arrogant and militant; whilst Jewish intellectuals and academics who criticise those fascistic and fanatical elements infecting the government of “Israel” are pilloried and reviled as Jew hating Jews.

          I do not see how any sane human being can accept the obscene rationale for the slaughter of innocents in Gaza, irrespective of their cultural loyalties or purported religious certainties.

          And how tragic it is also, that the Arabs who accepted the yoke of the Qur’anic revelation, assuming thereby the same designation of Chosen by God, cannot even decide among themselves what this means and just to whom it refers, reducing the pure Genius of Islam to an illiterate caricature.

          All justified in reaction to the the resurgence of “Israel” as a sign to advance a newly discovered pressing obligation to impose a grotesquely limiting superstitious understanding, expressed through indiscriminate carnage & hedonistic violence on all “others” regardless of their spiritual estate or entitlement to ethical praxis.

          The world of literal belief is a perennial mess, and as I see it, we need to discard all such cultist pretension by radically recasting the symbolic mould and method of the spiritual mind, to more adequately engage the meta-cosmic enormity of the possible ~ on all planes of evolutionary cognition; and robustly confine all obstinate and antediluvian parochialism to its appropriate place in the folklore annals of ancestral patriarchal imagining.

        • David, Another splendid, and profound post! Your last paragraph summed it up nicely. Amen to that!

          A number of years ago, I had the privilege of hearing Professor Norman Finklestein speak in person. Scanning some of the audience with strained peripheral vision, I’d say half the packed house was for him and the other half against him, on his position against the right-wing, Likud Zionists. I’ve always respected him, and for speaking “truth to power,” he lost his tenured position at the University of Illonois, thanks to Allan “the end justifies the means,” Dershowitz, who also belittled Noam Chomsky in a debate some years ago.

        • Thanks Frank. I strongly recommend the Mnar Muhawesh Mint Press interview with Canadian Kevin Neish. The heroic Gaza Flotilla are extraordinarily brave and principled people. While popular culture extols the fatuous irrelevance of imbecile celebrities, it is those exceptional human beings who should be celebrated, honoured and recognized as worthy of our admiration, emulated as model citizens; while the mainstream sewer of commercialised drivel disregards them, erases their achievements, or mocks and trivialises their importance ~ when it is they who really change things for the better, who make a real difference.

          I have a lot of time for Norman Finkelstein who has also displayed remarkable courage. What a sad indictment of the shallowness of the society we have inherited, when Nobel prizes (with rare and notable exceptions) so often mean little more than a symbolic sop to cynicism, to exclusion, to intimidation and conformity; to lip service and the dignifying of false mores; to the political apotheosis of duplicity and decadent standards….what a corrupt and derelict shambles we are expected to endure!

        • Judaism is a religion, of course, and Zionism is a philosophical concept, and of course, not all Jews are Zionists or believe in it. Likewise, all Germans weren’t Nazis as Nazism was too, a concept, also to put into practice like Zionism. All Anglo-Saxons were not in the Ku Klux Klan, either, nor are all Sicilians in the Mafia.

          As for God choosing the Hebrews, that is where the “Chosen People” syndrome comes in. Is there really any real proof of this? Using that bit of logic, then Gentiles must be second-class people willing to serve the ‘chosen ones.” don’t buy it at all!

          What would “God” say about Netanyahu’s conduct? About Henry Kissinger, Abe “kid twist” Reles, Milton Freeman, Bernie Maddow, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Irving Kristol, (and his son Bill) Robert Kagen (and wife Victoria Nuland), to name just a few black magicians who’ve caused a lot of harm in the world.

          I’m not picking on Jewish people, and for that matter, I can add many more Italians, Irish, and Anglo-Saxons to the list above of bad people.

          What many people resent is the soft-soaping of Israeli murder, torture, bombings, imprisonment, and land theft of the Palestinians, and when presented with the facts, are labeled “anti-semitic.”

          I prefer the “we are our brother’s keeper” philosophy and concept, and in your heart, I believe you do to.


        • I’m responding to this part of your comment:

          “As for God choosing the Hebrews, that is where the “Chosen People” syndrome comes in. Is there really any real proof of this? Using that bit of logic, then Gentiles must be second-class people willing to serve the ‘chosen ones.” don’t buy it at all!”

          Many, many people who do object to the state of Israel’s military actions are indeed anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic). For quick proof of this, go to any RT youtube video report on Israel or anything else for that matter, and read the comment section.

          Back to the concept of “chosen people”, like I said before God chose the ancient Hebrews, they did not choose to be chosen. God doesn’t have second-class status for any person or group of people. God loves all (inclusive) people.

          Where did you get that Gentiles have to serve Jews?

  14. A remarkable interview. Searing clarity and perspicuous context.

    This paranormal monster will not change, until its constituent physiological elements cease to conform, thereby rendering the specimen not only dysfunctional ~ but destined to extinction.

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