Cornel West: The Black Prophetic Tradition, interviewed by Chris Hedges

Cornel West at Calvin College 5

Image by James Stewart via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges and Cornel West

TheRealNews on Aug 5, 2015

In the premiere of teleSUR’s “Days of Revolt,” host Chris Hedges sits down with Dr. Cornel West to discuss the legacy of the black prophetic tradition and its relevance to movements today.


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14 thoughts on “Cornel West: The Black Prophetic Tradition, interviewed by Chris Hedges

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  11. Great. I really like this. If you listen carefully to what Cornel is saying, he speaks great truth to power. Only one criticism, whose “power?” The power of ignorance elevated to a blind creed of dominance. America is in serious decline, in fact ~ in unprecedented crisis. A national psychosis in fact. It is high time for the US to understand the level “playing field” that is the real world.

    Alfred Crosby coined the impeccable phrase Ecological Imperialism back in the early 1980’s. This is a great concept we need to engage with and thoroughly rectify with invincible and robust determination…

    Readers of DS may have noticed that I am not a Christian believer, but I have such high regard for Cornel West’s admirable restraint; he is an amazingly endearing individual and moreover, a consummate metaphysician, but even more significantly, an advocate of indigenous truth.

    I’d love to hear him in conversation with the legendary Dick Gregory. I can envisage him revisiting Africa, on a documented trek around that enormous continent, a world still patiently anticipating Europe’s primal acknowledgement and engagement on equal terms ~ what a delight it would be to witness Cornel engaging creatively with the Griot Masters of Mali.

    (Then, for sure, he might find it almost impossible not to forego that three-piece dichromatic Welsh-bible-black London suit….! Just kidding….)

    • So glad you enjoyed this discussion with Cornel West, David. I believe there will be a Part 2 coming soon, so will either update this post or post it separately when it’s available.

      • Thank you Lo! Dandelion Salad is deserving of far greater attention from discerning thinkers. It makes me wonder what education really means these days. It’s almost as though the more “educated” people are, the less they think.

        • Thanks so much, David. Not sure if more people are more educated but we certainly have more access to information. Too much information so easily accessible at our fingertips, literally.

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