Thomas Drake: From 9/11 to Mass Surveillance, The Man Who Knew Too Much (must-see)

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Updated: Sept. 12, 2021

Note: Videos were removed by The Real News Network; current videos are from theAnalysis-news.

with Thomas Drake

Part 1

TheRealNews on Aug 2, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, former NSA senior executive Mr. Drake and host Paul Jay talk about the “dark state” and how 9/11 opens up disturbing questions about power, who we are, who’s in charge and the secret subversion of the U.S. constitution.


Part 2

TheRealNews on Aug 3, 2015


Part 3

TheRealNews on Aug 3, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Drake says the suspension of the Constitution that took place in secret after 9/11, for all intents and purposes, developed with executive orders, regulations, statutes, and oftentimes in cooperation with the Congress – since 1947.


Part 4

TheRealNews on Aug 4, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Drake tells Host Paul Jay that mass surveillance is not about protecting people, in the end it’s about social control.


Part 5

TheRealNews on Aug 5, 2015

On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Drake says that in the name of national security we are eating out the very heart of democracy; what will be left will be a garrison state.


Updated: Sept. 12, 2021

Part 6

9/11 Lies and the National Security State – Thomas Drake

theAnalysis-news on Sep 9, 2021

Twenty years later, Thomas Drake still says the NSA knew about the 9/11 plotters prior to the attack, and likely reported the intel through a back channel to VP Cheney. Nothing was done to prevent the attack, says Drake a former senior executive at the NSA. Why? To prepare public opinion in favor of invading Iraq. Drake joins Paul Jay on


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23 thoughts on “Thomas Drake: From 9/11 to Mass Surveillance, The Man Who Knew Too Much (must-see)

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  8. One of the most important, revealing “Reality Asserts Itself” by the Real News Network to date. Shared truths/facts from Thomas Drake in this 5-part series should become known by all American citizens.

  9. I don’t remember them discussing the fact that since all communications are being collected that this compromises all politicians and judges, both federal, state and local. All politicians and judges can be blackmailed, easily now.

    • Haven’t watched the series yet, but have seen Tom Drake on RT, Free Speech TV and Link TV. I will watch the 5-parts this week.

      I agree with Jerry. This info should be known by all American citizens. Your Aug 8 post says it all, Lo. “Blackmail” is the key word.

      • Thanks, Frank. I watched the videos when they came out and saved them to post all at one time. Please take your time to watch each one, or read the transcripts (links are below each video in the post).

        I think this info needs to be known worldwide as we know the NSA doesn’t keep to its borders, communications are being collected around the world. Of course, many Americans think it’s OK to collect data from other countries’ citizens just not in the US.

        • I think you nailed it before, Lo. All these files on us, especially people in prominent or influential positions could be blackmailed or “outed” if they buck the system or are honest truth-tellers,aka whistle blowers.I will watch each film clip this week. Thanks for posting them!

        • In the case of judges and politicians, the info that can be used against them keeps them quiet and obedient to those who have the info. Honest people without any skeletons in their closet won’t be elected because those with the info make sure the ones who can be blackmailed get into office. This is major corruption of the political system.

    • Good point Lo. The ghost of J E Hoover will be squirming with delight. Fantastic interview. I agree with Jerry. Beyond “spooky action at a distance”….recalling Einstein’s celebrated scepticism about quantum entanglement. Security state, whose security? Whose power?

      Thomas Drake gives us the exquisite logic of “intel. economics…” capitalism as a data racket ~ ironic and fascinating in every sense of the word, big dollar hoodoo.

      Of course the best defence/offense is candour and honesty. So long as you articulate the truth without ambiguity, it’s guaranteed it will either be disbelieved or totally misunderstood! Drake spells it out. Ownership is sovereignty of mind.

      As the German geophysicist Peter Hubral puts it, real epistemology is cognitive evolution. As for power and its apotheosis or psychopathology ~ it’s necessarily relative. It’s all a question of scale. Expose Mr four-star Hayden “rtd” to the Spiritual Intelligence of the Sun, and he’ll immediately shrivel up, wilt, whither and vaporise.

      The solution is ethical organization, which is true liberty; unrestricted action from integrity, that is strength. For those with an esoteric perspective, this is most adequately codified as the technical legacy of Raja Yoga ~ pure psychology of mind; while in our exoteric (post)modern context, increasingly understood through the method of (authentic) science, ie pure scepticism.

      To my way of thinking, philosophy is meaningless until it is fully realized as a lived (spiritual) experience. The real enemy is what the French used to call the American disease, or the state worship of wealth as money. When the token or the signifier, reduces reality and displaces the life values it is supposed to represent (John McMurtry’s thesis,) then we have committed the cardinal sin of conflating actual territory with a symbolic artefact or mere hypothetical map (Korzybski/Bell…)

      • David,
        Your mentioning philosopher John McMurty forced a response to say that the man for whatever reasons is highly under-appreciated. Reading some of his articles at Global Research leads one to an amazed state. Mr. McMurtry’s writings are those extremely rare types that leaves the reader’s jaw dropped. Just very surprised the man isn’t much more widely known, because the power of truthful analysis he conveys separates him from most other (excellent) writers. Hope you are well. 🙂

        • Thanks Jerry. I know some people, myself included, have struggled with his text, but listening to him opens it up, because the cadence and delivery
          over-ride the syntactical complexity and difficult punctuation!

          It’s festival season here in the UK where summer almost disappears if don’t seize the brief opportunity, so am attending the Green Gathering next week, one of the oldest and best, off-grid, permaculture, activism, music, great energy!

      • David, you said it well! Especially,the spiritual aspect, cognitive evolution and an esoteric perspective, fully “realized” as a lived (spiritual) experience, is necessary in understanding (at our individual level of development and awareness) the higher and much more noble path which must be taken if we are at all going to progress to a state of consciousness in focusing our thoughts and active energy in working on ourselves first, and then doing our share for bettering the human race in whatever way we can..

        So happy you mentioned Prof. John McMurty! I have been reading his articles on for quite a few years and after reading each article, I feel emotionally invigorated and spiritually nourished, and humbled (deference to his higher thought processes and cosmic understanding – of the human drama – which he illustrates on paper) for the right reasons.

        • Yes he is a remarkable presence and a powerful influence Frank, but clearly not widely acknowledged; but then most radical thinkers tend to be unsung, or “unrecognized” if they cannot be conveniently packaged and sold as commodities.

          This globalization of consciousness is so totally unprecedented in our time. Now, with the connectivity of the web, that has so enhanced our options, it is hard to draw solid conclusions or even sound consensual inferences about where we are going, or how to best effect the changes we all know must happen, because we cannot be everywhere at the same time, so the conversations we are having here are deeply important in my view.

          A very big part of the problem as I see it is this issue of branding and marketing. Conventional publishing has changed beyond all recognition, and yet the impact of new media is in some respects counter-productive; because no sooner than we’ve been affected by one powerful presentation another comes along to eclipse it, and if we are not careful we find that our perceptions and insights have been subtly shifted by cunning agendas.

          The big vested interest have cottoned on to this, and exploit it. I think its the identical strategy to the foreign policy agenda, maintain maximum confusion and proliferate mercenary chaos. The only way to counter this as I see it, is through building strong alliances and following through on specific programs, like community initiatives, agrarian reform, food sharing, landscape regeneration, cooperatives etc.

          Tricky times, for sure!

        • Wise words, David, and that’s an accurate description of today’s global panorama regarding the media, world consciousness – regarding current affairs – and for the nefarious plans of the ruling-elite, to “maintain maximum confusion and proliferate mercenary chaos,” to further increase their power over us and continue their insane desire for more wealth accumulation which they could never spend in several lifetimes.

          I agree about building strong alliances and all, but too many people are concerned with single issues, important as they are, rather than uniting and packaging their various projects, such as: agrarian reform/pesticide reduction and eventually abolition, food sharing, landscape regeneration, cooperatives, Smart Meters and Smart Grid privacy violations, public ownership of the Commons (water and energy), public school education, which is systematically being destroyed and “privatized” by Democrats as well as the reactionary Republicans, and this pathological glorification of armed force to resolve so-called “disputes” and the “support the troops” mantra, injurious to young minds easily influenced by the media propaganda combine.

          Group unity by the progressive”Left” is easier said than done, and I can see the fragmentation of various groups in the area I dwell in these past few years.But there is hope.

          On the front page of yesterday’s (Sunday, Aug 9th, 2015) San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, one of the articles was about the 40 year existence of the worker-owned (243 employees) and directed cooperative health food store, Rainbow Grocery. ( They are the best!

          Seize the day!

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