WikiLeaks: The US Strategy to Create a New Global Legal and Economic System: #TPP, #TTIP, #TISA (John Pilger, Julian Assange)

#TPP - Expressway to Trade Hell

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Dandelion Salad

with John Pilger, Julian Assange

TheWikiLeaksChannel on Aug 18, 2015

from the archives:

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11 thoughts on “WikiLeaks: The US Strategy to Create a New Global Legal and Economic System: #TPP, #TTIP, #TISA (John Pilger, Julian Assange)

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      • Ditto. The biggest stitch up of all time. It renders the very concept of law, redundant. Ironic in extremis that it should be puffed into existence just as the “free world” is glorifying the memory of magna carta.

        Ha ha bloody ha.

        • $$$ this is national sovereignty. $$$ “Bucks R Us.” Yep, a corporate coup d’ etat, with the blessings of the D&R parties.
          On a more inspirational level, we had the honor of hearing David Blume speak last night after watching the 90 minute highly informative film, “Pump” about petroleum verses alcohol as a source of fuel. Check out:
 and see for yourself.

          But getting back to Pilger/Assange message, it is a dire warning on the near future if these wicked monsters and their insatiable lust for power, money, and control of everything will destroy the world if they get their way.

          The clock is getting closer to midnight. Europe is in upheaval, but pay attention to the events in the Ukraine.The situation there, orchestrated by Western Capitalist/fascists and the “Infamous International Banksters” may just bite off more than they could chew, winding up with a severe case of death-causing “indigestion.”

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