The USA Needs Disruptive President Trump by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Donald Trump's Gaudy White-House

Image by KAZ Vorpal via Flickr

by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Sept. 2, 2015

I keep imagining the White House with a big, really big neon sign TRUMP across the top of the roof.

Count me as fully supporting the candidacy of Donald Big Mouth Trump. Why? Because for a long time we have had a delusional democracy, the product of a political system destroyed by both major political parties and the moneyed interests supporting both of them. Trump is the only possible president capable of productively disrupting this fake democracy, actually a plutocracy. It is more rational to fear whatever conventional Democrat or Republican won the presidency than to fear Trump. More of the same is far more frightening than nothing like this before. Moreover, there are sufficient constitutional checks from the other two branches of the federal government to curb fears of nutty actions by President Trump.

The pundits and intelligentsia enjoy demeaning Trump supporters as ignorant, uncouth, racist schmucks. Sure they have every right to be totally fed up with our political system. Who wouldn’t be? But how can they possibly buy into the insanity, stupidity and insulting rhetoric of Trump? I think all these shocked people on the right and left still don’t see the larger truth.

We must imagine something akin to electric shock therapy applied forcibly to the political system. Many urgently needed reforms will never be pushed by any conventional Republican or Democrat. In our delusional democracy ordinary elections can no longer produce the cleansing that our filthy, corrupt system needs. I believe that many millions of Americans who do not vote would be motivated to vote for Trump. They would enjoy sending a big F-you to the establishment. I certainly would. I would like to see polling of people eligible to vote but who have not voted in past presidential elections.

Sure, I confess that I would have preferred Michael Bloomberg spending a billion of his dollars on a presidential campaign as a third party candidate. But I gladly accept Trump as a second choice, even as a faux Republican.

I am a highly educated former full professor, former official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, and author of a number of books, including Delusional Democracy. I say this to demonstrate that Trump surely has more current and potential supporters than the media and political establishment can accept. Unlike Trump, they have no imagination. Trump, to his credit, is really on to something Great. I hope that many more Americans recognize that he is exactly what the nation needs. Stick that middle finger up at all the chronic liars that have sold out the vast majority of Americans. We really do have to make America great Again or watch its continuing slide into a two-class society based on economic inequality. Only a traitor to the upper, upper powerful class of insanely rich Americans can save the nation.

Contact Joel S. Hirschhorn through He was a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association; he has authored five nonfiction books, including Delusional Democracy – Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government.

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15 thoughts on “The USA Needs Disruptive President Trump by Joel S. Hirschhorn

  1. The US is a corporate plutocracy ! With Trump in the White House we will have an obvious and vulgar confirmation of this fact . The US urgently need a revolution to get money out of politics and indepentent science in ! If not we are heading for WWlll and a total breakdown of the biosphere !

    • Well said pg…

      Only this: “Third-world” wars have been waging for a generation at least, ever more intensely since the plutocratic ascendancy post-Reagan. Ultra World-War #Four means total annihilation, that in effect is already well under-way as Ecocidal-Extinction-Spasm Number Six.

      So why are we still bothering to count? Surely the point of counting is to achieve a scientific measure. So why “vote” at all, if it does not reflect a verifiable consensual truth. What can it really mean? What will it achieve? Why vote for a fantasy world, an illusion of representative and legitimate governance, for a judiciary that is bought, sold, bribed and blackmailed?

      Maybe we should be saying to the alleged “US” constituency (& what does that mean exactly anymore, anyway ~ are we talking here about an informed, educated, thinking public?) ~ hey folks, boycott this “democratic” bullshit!! ….these “elections” are really about Corporatised S…electioneering, your free “vote” is a token irrelevance because the conclusion is foregone….it’s all the same rigged system, of inverted totalitarianism (Wolin.)

      I’d say if you were to run a campaign based on fundamental principles they’d have to include
      1. Money cannot rule. Decentralise the banks.
      2. Education must be free and independent.
      3. A resilient environment equals strong community roots, sustained by work that has meaning.
      4. Health equals zero pollution, clean air & water, restored soil biomass and protected ocean reserves.
      5. Technology must support life, not destroy ecosystems.

      Seems to me the only political party coming anywhere close is the Green agenda.

    • Trump would actually be officially nominated, ergo electable.

      Remember, in a majority of states the two corrupt parties have essentially banned write-in votes. It’s generally illegal to even COUNT write-ins.

      Millions of people could write in Donald Duck, and the count would not even be reported.

      Here’s a map showing that all but eight states have actually banned genuine write-in votes. Most states have strict rules for a person having to get approval to be a write-in candidate, which obviously defeats the entire purpose of a write-in ballot in the first place.

      And there are eight states that ban ANY write-in vote, ever.

      • Thanks kazvorpal, great point. Election laws are made by each of the states, and are of course controlled by the duopoly (Republican Party and Democratic Party). Third parties, write-in candidates are not going to get too far in many states. That’s one of the issues that Ralph Nader made when he was running for president. It takes all of the campaign monies to even get on the ballots in most of the states.

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