Abby Martin: The Rise of History’s Biggest Empire


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Empire Files on Sep 5, 2015

Abby Martin debuts teleSUR’s The Empire Files exploring the U.S. Empire, its rise to world hegemony and its impact on people and the planet.


Good review:

Abby Martin’s ‘The Empire Files’: Bold Debut On teleSUR by Jerry Alatalo

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17 thoughts on “Abby Martin: The Rise of History’s Biggest Empire

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  11. For me, the US ’empire’ can’t self-destruct fast enough. British Empire was no walk in the park either, but the Brits left behind a lot less rubble. So many people in awe of the US…I totally fail to understand why. A nation that seems almost totally devoid of compassion, ethics, decency, honesty…

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  13. Amen David, and Thank You Lo for putting Abby’s Telesur doc on DS. I miss her program, ‘ Breaking The Set,’ on RT, but knew she was involved in her own projects, and having just watched this episode about the IPA (Imperial States of America) on the computer, I feel very strongly that World War three is inevitable as the empire is “feeling it’s (GMO tainted) oats.”
    Most Americans are oblivious to the dangers of military aggression abroad. Out of sight, out of mind. A horror lays ahead which will make the first two world wars seem like a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

    Arrogance and Hubris are deadly sins!

    • We seem to be backsliding into ever higher stakes geopolitical brinkmanship Frank, only these days memories are getting shorter. Those who lived through WW2 in Europe cannot contemplate yet another round, but the generation who have never seen those horrors may be more easily persuaded by PNAC/NATO fantasies.

      Those of us who read & heed these invaluable DS posts know that more violence and violations of planetary integrity will only make things infinitely worse. There is fission ahead, no doubt, but I suspect it will be of an order profoundly different from “conventional” nuclear scenarios. Deterrence is pointless if the the main threat is just “us” ~ there is no obvious Satan to blame anymore.

      Demented warmongers inflated by delusions of invincible power and limitless “economic” growth through unrestricted, unregulated, ecocidal extraction and bonded servitude, will become so isolated they shall not be able to survive ~ especially if their monetary apocalypse arrives on time. They may feel secure in their bunkered hegemony for a while, but pretty soon those chains of total dependence will begin to chafe.

      In a multiverse of quantum probability, even the thickest walls are insubstantial buttresses against evolutionary change. Our biggest problem is this corrupt and corrupting US establishment-cult of money control. Either these people are going to have to learn the multiple languages of civilized global discourse, or become so ostracised they will soon choke on their own vapid narcissism and unbearable conceit.

      Tant pis!

      • David, extraordinary post! I definitely agree with you. Incidentally, the first paragraph is somewhat prophetic. I’m afraid the young ones are full of “piss and vinegar” and unlike their elders who lived through the WW2 nightmare, think war is similar to what they see on the big screen, Hollywood style. Little do they know….

  14. Terrific stuff from a super-smart, creative human. What an excellent synopsis of where we are and how we arrived at this awesome, critical juncture ~ that is to say, for those who are still alive & able to heed the warnings….but how many have been broken and even as we pause to listen, are still being brutalised along the way?

    We need to examine the soul of mankind with forensic perspicuity.

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