Julian Assange on The US Empire, Plans on Overthrowing Assad, The WikiLeaks Files

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with Julian Assange

RT on Sep 9, 2015

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with the world’s most wanted publisher – the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. He has just co-authored a book – the WikiLeaks Files, and it paints a picture of systemic US torture and killing as well as the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of billions of people right around the world.

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6 thoughts on “Julian Assange on The US Empire, Plans on Overthrowing Assad, The WikiLeaks Files

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  6. This is a historic interview.

    We should be under no illusions about the villainous overreach of the US and its despicable record of atrocity and belligerent intimidation, only this ~ what does a post-modern empire do in an age of unprecedented connectivity, and unheard of information access? It must dictate the terms of education.

    The intellectual elites are not necessarily those academic power pushers who ostracise, exclude and erase, but….where does real intelligence dwell? Or rather, where should it be seen to dwell? In other words who do we trust and why should we consider them worthy of that trust? What can we respect?

    I would say this: we all need to earn a living of some kind, but if you charge extortionately for your opinions and then it turns out that those opinions are entirely spurious and only contrived to impress fools and gain influence, then we should find just reason to dismiss your professed sincerity as no more than a cunning deceit and a vain presumption.

    If human beings were accorded the principled rights that every sovereign individual is entitled to, we should no longer need “representatives” but only reliable servants; not in any servile sense but in the sense of noble service to humanity.

    If politicians are merely self-serving careerists who find it attractive & amenable to promote their personal charismatic professionalism just to further their own sophist prosperity ~ by feathering Machiavellian nests in institutionalised establishment habitats, that proselytise the vacuous ideology of imperial comfort zones, then maybe we need to redefine what we mean by politics….not to mention law, and in every sense and nuance of the meaning of the word, “philosophy.”

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