European Refugee Crisis – The Anatomy of a Coverup


Image via International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

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StormCloudsGathering on Sep 10, 2015

The real story behind the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe is much stranger than fiction. Transcript and sources:

From the archives:

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Benghazi Attack and The NATO Cover-up by Finian Cunningham and Mark Robertson

16 thoughts on “European Refugee Crisis – The Anatomy of a Coverup

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  5. Without a radical change in the US we will see the start of WWIII! The lunatic fringe behind and within the State dept. and Cocaine Import Agency are pushing for more War!

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  11. Very good article here by Glen Barry

    For those who have never heard of Dr Barry….some relevant history:

    ‘Dr. Glen Barry, the inventor of blogging, explains “the real innovation in blogging is citizen commentary upon other web content as a recognized form of self-expression. The blog format of expressing yourself, as you link to other expression, exponentially enables free speech and thought. A free Internet is central to a just, equitable, and sustainable human future.” While many others began to harness the Internet similarly in the late 1990s, often as personal diaries, the Forest Conservation Blog predates them by a few years, and was thus also the first political blog.’

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  13. I am not really sure in what this is supposed to be news. At least in Europe the majority knows these things, to my knowledge. The problem was more to do with the Assad regime as an alternative. It was known from the beginning that there was a risk that arms would go to rebel groups with strong ties to Al Qaeda. Instead what was contemplated to be done about the situation was to take out Assad in the beginning when he was killing unarmed protesters in the streets. But then Russia would have been upset. When that did not happen they opted for arming the rebels instead and stay in the back ground. Hence this mess, since they still went in and messed things up. In a long drawn out conflict. This is the result of outsiders meddling in others affairs and coming in with violent options because those in power surround themselves with war hungry profiteers . What should have been done in all these countries is supporting all those who wanted a democratic solution, not all this fast violent ones. There were an opposition in Syria for instance and they actually complained that they were being left out, that no one really contemplated supporting them, giving help to them to get their voice out and influence the process. That was in the beginning before everything just took off in a more violent direction. You have to go in early and support the ones working for a peaceful democratic solution, in which the people in the area get a voice.

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