Abby Martin: 9/11 and the Belligerent Empire

9-11 was an inside job

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Empire Files on Sep 12, 2015

In September 11th’s episode of The Empire Files on TeleSUR, Abby Martin examines the two major wars launched under the “Global War on Terror”–their historical development and their aftermath. Featuring former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, this episode digs into the tragedy of a region shaped by Empire.

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18 thoughts on “Abby Martin: 9/11 and the Belligerent Empire

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  14. Thank you Abby for exposing the hypocrisy of our time . Exposing the truth is not without it’s dangers . Be safe.

  15. Great work. Much credit to Paul Jay as producer. Ramsey Clark’s testimony is incredibly powerful, revelatory. He has been accused (by some, like in the past of exercising dubious judgement, but

    It is almost incomprehensible that these atrocities can be simply accepted as “due process” exercised by a de facto universalist world power, “God’s own United States….” when does this madness, this cultural insanity, this collective hallucination, stop? Will the American public ever face up to their vulgar complicity in this ghastly nightmare of pretence and self-delusion?

    Trouble is, many people simply will not watch and or ever get to listen to such truthful reporting, so we must share and flag it up widely.

    Here in the UK we’ve just experienced a political earthquake, an authentic Václav Havel moment. A new age of (classless) coalition politics has dawned ~ for real.

    Will Bernie and Jill Stein talk up the Real News?

    • You nailed it again, David!
      The United States believes it has the moral right to rule the world and dictate terms and conditions on it’s conquered subjects. So much for the worthless and hopeless (and shameful) “United Nations.”

      Most Americans are willfully ignorant on the things you mentioned and the power-mad rulers know this, and shape policy accordingly.

      Beware of Bernie. He’s still for the war machine and votes for the insanely out of control Pentagon budget to help feed the MIC and give credibility to the psychopaths and sociopaths in the Department of Death and Destruction, aka the Department of Defense.

      JIll Stein gets hardly any coverage, by the corporate, capitalist, pro-war, pro-fascist,pro- imperialist media. I will be voting for Jill again, anyway.

      Three cheers for Jeremy Corbyn and may he be triumphant in restoring sanity and decency in Britain, which has been on a perilous course since the days of the wicked witch, Maggie Thatcher.

      On Ramsey Clark, he has been the only honest and truthful U.S. Attorney General in my lifetime, and par for the course, is discredited by the ruling-elite and their media stooges as a crackpot of sorts, not to be taken seriously.


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