World War III – Who Will Be Blamed?

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StormCloudsGathering on Sep 11, 2015

If you want to start a war, the unwashed masses must be convinced to send their brothers, sons and fathers to die on the front lines. The specter of an external enemy must be etched into their collective mind through trauma, exaggeration and repetition. History must be whitewashed, twisted and cherry picked down to a politicized nursery rhyme. At no point should the real motives or consequences of such an endeavor be discussed. Transcript and sources:

from the archives:

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    • Thanks roofingbird. A few clarifications: I posted the video and link to the transcript, however, StormCloudsGathering is not one of the contributing writers on Dandelion Salad. I do like his videos and if you go to the links to read the transcripts, he always backs things up with links to other sources.

      In the Iraq-Iran War, Iraq started it, so Iran did NOT invade another country.

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  8. ‘If you want to start a to war…’ What kind of ‘new’ English is this? By the time WW3 would end, there would be no one left to blame: we are all dead.

  9. The increasing risk with YouTube advocacy is, it affords ample opportunity to indulge in disturbing sophist diatribes, laced with tub-thumping histrionic hyperbole.

    There is a definite place for straight talk and hard delivery, but it requires carefully constructed, considered context and not just eye-popping sensationalism punctuated with soundbite dynamite…this can too often defeat the purpose. To gain worthwhile attention, a piece needs to seduce the mind. A useful and instructive test is to ignore the visuals and just listen to the voice-over. Then ask yourself, have I learned more by ignoring the window-dressing, so as to concentrate clearly on the original content?

    There is a profound art to documentary media, one of its greatest post WW2 exponents was the Canadian Donald Brittain… …who worked with the NFB, originally set up by John Grierson as a propaganda agency. This genre has a long heritage, with ample examples of unique excellence in the film-tradition of social realism.

    Images can detract as much as they support any argument. YouTube doesn’t always serve us well. You can watch, watch more, keep moving on and promptly forget. It suits the US Intel-community agenda to spoil us for choice. Keep ’em stuffed ‘n useless should be the motto of the CIA.

    That old phrase, being a victim of one’s own success also springs to mind. Too much of a “good thing” quickly amounts to a surfeit of fleeting impressions that merely clog up the cognitive arteries, leaving us congested, confused, tired, bewildered & ultimately disempowered.

    We need feasible solutions, arrived at through comprehensive effort, & inclusive study; not from just potted fatalism, repetitive messages of impotence and the relentless reinforcement of vulnerability. It all gets too cliched and predictable.

    Abby Martin’s new series is great because it retains strong narrative coherence delivered with moral intelligence. We are convinced because the urgency of its relevance dispels our doubts about the sincerity of the producers and their ethical intent.

    I can’t yet identify the author of stormcloudsgathering, but I’d be interested to learn more. The premise is rather suspect though, in my opinion. We don’t need this WW3 rhetoric when that’s been waged worldwide since Korea. Nuclear deterrence is a completely failed ideology in the current era. We have to eventually dismantle the entire nuclear industry if there are to be any future generations. Jeremy Corbyn who just won a decisive victory is leading this initiative now in the UK and it is a policy long overdue.

    The future needs institutions of comprehensive restraint, examples of containment and methods of controlling state violence, and the inevitable concomitant reaction to it. Chinese martial arts are one clear example of how this can be pursued. Real sport is another. Regenerative agroecology is another essential priority, so that people are not consuming poison. We think with our guts.

    Perhaps we can begin to look forward to an era in which standing armies and commercialized mercenary aggression are proactively restricted. The intelligent way forward is by means of robust legislation, life support and ground-breaking cultural initiatives. Fearless debate & informed discussion are far more effective than propaganda. The business of the future must be the business of living with intelligence in mind, not (only) profit.

  10. Who will be blamed? That depends on which side of the confrontation you will identify with.

    For the national chauvinists, the nation(s) being fought by one’s own will be to blame.

    Objectively, however, the blame ultimately rests with the capitalist mafias on all sides of this global confrontation who are trying to carve up the world in their favor. However, the most aggressive of these mafias is the United States, Western Europe and Japan, with the U.S. leading the imperialist drive.

    I also agree with the premise that WWIII has already begun in earnest although this war is really only but another sequel in a long line of such sequels stretching back to the era of feudalism and even earlier. These wars are the affairs of entrenched and historically experienced aristocracies vying with each other. And with threats of nuclear strikes being made by all sides, we are closer to all out nuclear war than we have ever been.

    The West is in decline and the East is on the rise, and each is staring down the other. And the masses are in complete disarray, unable to mount any sort of internally organized resistance in either camp or globally, which is what would be needed ‘now’ to avert disaster. It seems to me that the worst could really happen.

    On the other hand, for many millions already murdered, maimed and displaced, the worst is already happening and has already happened, and it doesn’t look like the killers will be stopped any time soon . . .

    The madness and cruelty is beyond comprehension . . .

  11. As when I was in the elite circle of RDLaing blame was a a taboo word that must be struck out of the English language? I suggest the natural resources of Britain such as iron, coal, water, and a moat around Britain to isolate long enough in time and against the roaming hoards of those who would usurp the status quo the ability to develop the industrial revolution and create weapons that the rest of the world had not had the privilege of using against a tyrannical force of what eventually became the Empire, or the conquest of the world and its resources, this culture based on earlier successions of conquests had not developed a culture of peaceful coexistence but became ruled by violence and a powerful controlling elite that not only oppressed the wider world but by violence controlled most of the civil population such as work by the press gangs whereby after being drinking alcohol at the local would find yourself on a ship now in transit to far and wide of a unknown destination, although the European continent also were involved with the the industrial revolution were no to the same extent so advanced as Britain.
    The violence abroad and conquest of lands abroad were easier to conquer than fighting abroad although of coarse their were constant battles such as Britain and France, Spain, Holland and so on were not as profitable as say fighting Indians with bow and arrows, as what we now know as America or Australia and so on.
    Today we as the First world alliance now no longer finding new places to conquer are now committed to wars such as the Middle East, this is as you know all about colonization of resources by militaristic control, also the stock exchange is part of the oppressive regime in obtaining resources and this is also backed by means of advanced military technology, the tenuous relationship with Britain and America is to be seen as two offspring boys of the same family are at war with each other but are the same family, as we can see in WW2 the world leaders of Churchill and the American president that in their meetings it is obvious Roosevelt had some contempt for Churchill, also Stalin had some loyalty to Britain as a result of British supplies to Russian the early part of the war, Britain to this day has its feet in both America and Russia as they are a crucial balance of distrust and power, one of the most turbulent places today Israel, and it place in political power, having now become all powerful a s a result of the Big Boys, now tyrannical, can no longer be said it is not contributing to world tyranny, and blameless!
    I am saying Britain run by a 1% elite is to blame, as their tentacles having reached and poisoned the planet we live on, this governing power is a at base a despot government, no longer using reason to govern such as the cost of military and money would have been better spent on the development of the infrastructure of the Middle East rather than collaborating with American aggression in such countries as Vietnam, and so on, the colonizing powers are a major threat to our existence and the major powers are stupid enough to think the ruling elite will survive in underground shelters? we all have out fantasies but the ruling elite having now become so powerful are no longer looking towards world peace as a solution, drugged on power no longer can think outside the box, centrally leaders such as Thatcher, Cameron and this sort of material are inadequate to deal with the planets problems they are living in 19th century thinking and are to be discarded as leaders as a result of being inept.

    • Saw the exact same comment on several posts on FB where I left links to this video post. It kind of misses the point of the video and I wonder if anyone actually watched it before commenting?

  12. We as human kind are to blame. Though I am sure some mediawizzes will come up with a scapegoat.

    It is sad we like to search for the beginning of a problem and never really thinking of stopping it. Blame history previous wars, yet none knows why they were truly fought. Power, money and greed make up the front-line fuelled maybe by religion.

    Who is to blame for starting? Why not stop it all here and now.

    But as one picks up arms to fight, another will for protection. Or so reasoning goes.

    Who is to blame. Me, you and everyone else who beliefs the answer lies inside a bullet. And filling our heart with unreasoned hatred to begin with.

    Ooh well Like many I just ramble. Sigh if only we learn.

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