Abby Martin: Inside Saudi Arabia: Butchery, Slavery and History of Revolt


This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Abode of Terrorism

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Empire Files on Oct 3, 2015

Meet the new head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people’s history of resistance to it. With a major, catastrophic war in Yemen and looming high-profile executions of activists, The Empire Files exposes true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair.

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9 thoughts on “Abby Martin: Inside Saudi Arabia: Butchery, Slavery and History of Revolt

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  8. The pain and suffering of humanity is beyond measure. Its immediate cause in almost every sense, is due to the cruelty, myopic selfishness and vulgar indifference of unenlightened bigots, the psychotic brutality of despots and their confused sexuality that transforms them into murderous barbaric misogynists.

    As the old saying goes, tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are.

    Industrialism has delivered some artificial advances in human understanding, but it has also grossly diminished our sensibilities and awareness of sentient realities.

    Saudi warlords transitioned from tribal fiefdom to plutocracy in a single stride. Their hierarchical dominance over Mecca and Medina enhanced and exaggerated by the craven appetites of Western imperial interests to control strategic industrial energy resources.

    There is nothing noble about this tale of ignominy, and sheer greed. The Saudi elites are now growing desperate for food as their aquifers run dry. We ought to let them starve, by blocking their access to foreign land, especially in Africa; but this would accomplish little, because it is the poor and destitute who will suffer the most in their own land, as do the dispossessed in all indigenous areas everywhere in the world.

    Power is a drug, a religion, an obsession. The human ego is an empty vessel, so it is no loss when it is smashed. It always protests and resists with voluble conviction ~ but eventually to no avail, as all things must return to dust.

    Let us do everything of which we are capable, to speed its natural demise, to dissolve this illusion of temporal omnipotence, most specifically in ways appropriate to such dire circumstances as are described here; but also universally, as a primary article & canonical fact of spiritual necessity.

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