#TPP Deal Reached: 12 Countries Strike Pacific Rim Trade Accord

#TPP - Expressway to Trade Hell

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RT on Oct 5, 2015

Trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region have reached a deal on the Pacific trade pact that is intended to cut trade barriers and establish common standards for 12 countries, This is the largest trade pact in 20 years and has been a long-term goal of the Obama administration.


If more people knew what was in TPP deal, they’d be outraged – labor advocate

RT on Oct 5, 2015

President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, better known as TPP, is attracting more scrutiny from labor and trade advocates who are concerned about the agreement’s text, which was hammered out mostly in secret. Manila Chan speaks with Adam Weissman from Trade Justice New York about outstanding questions regarding the deal.


What Washington Isn’t Saying About the TPP ‘Victory’

TheRealNews on Oct 5, 2015

Manuel Pérez-Rocha, policy analyst at Institute for Policy Studies, says that the stated purpose of the agreement — to eliminate tariffs — has distracted people from its more subtle goal of protecting corporate profits.



Sanders, Trump lead charge against TPP

RT America on Oct 5, 2015

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R) have joined in the criticism of President Barack Obama’s 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was finally successfully agreed upon by the US and its partners in the Pacific. Egor Piskunov has more details on the deal from New York.

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13 thoughts on “#TPP Deal Reached: 12 Countries Strike Pacific Rim Trade Accord

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  4. What’s that wise proverb, isn’t it about empty vessels making the most noise? Seems to me these 30 chapters amount to an awful lot of camouflage for very little substance, other than building more barriers rather than dismantling them, which is what the rhetoric we are told is all about.

    I don’t buy it. Accountability should be the key factor in any international initiative, and we know the US corporate sector does not welcome public scrutiny and institutional transparency, when it is comes to the way that old familiar rubber grabs the yellow brick road.

    I strongly recommend President Putin’s recent address to the UN general assembly. He spells out things that must make the precious cynics in Washington squirm.

    Maybe it’s a question of political maturity, but Putin articulates statesmanlike truths, that I think those that have any capacity to cultivate the arts of government, and are willing to learn from a little history, will benefit from heeding; as their far-reaching import needs to be absorbed with dutiful diligence.

  5. I wish they had given Adam more time. I felt cheated at the end somehow. And Lo, your links above are just GREAT.
    We MUST fight back! We just gotta. This is so terrible in so many ways.
    I encourage everyone! Sign the petitions. Call your CONgresscritters. Demonstrate. Share links with EVERYONE … and bitch bitch bitch. Rant. rant. rant.

    • Thanks Virginia, and also for sharing the blog post. Yes, indeed we need to make some noise on this very important issue that will affect us right in our own homes and communities. My Congressperson knows my name, haha, from all the times I write and call her about this and other issues, too.

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