Chris Hedges: We Will Overthrow This Capitalist System + Q&A

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with Chris Hedges

Hedges: Calling All Rebels, part 1 of 4

GVFJ on Sep 29, 2015

Chris Hedges gave a talk about the true meaning of socialism and challenged Bernie Sanders on this topic.





All in one video plus Q&A:


Chris Hedges appears live behind the Orange Curtain for an inspirational and enlightening speech given for the Green Party of Orange County. Hedges speaks of real Socialism, Bernie Sanders and fighting against the control the oligarchy has over our political system. Also included is the Q & A session where Hedges offers even more damning information about the U.S. hegemony and how to rebel against the system.

Recorded on Sunday, September 20, 2015 in Santa Ana, CA.

Video Produced by SANCHEZ.

[Q&A begins at 56:48]


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  4. All true. Stirring oratory from Chris Hedges redolent with the declamatory genius of the greatest rhetoricians. It just makes such profound sense. The quotations from Havel are particularly noteworthy in my estimation.

    The beauty of these verities is such that they disintegrate our illusions, and awaken in us the absolute fundamentals of a moral life. As Sunzi memorably advised, the greatest victory is that which is achieved without bloodshed.

    I now look forward to hearing the Q & A after a decent night’s sleep….

      • Thank you Lo. Yes. I like what he says about Morales, indigenous culture and the special responsibility of those who live in the “heart of empire” (surely a provocative notion in itself, can it truly be said to have a heart?) Some familiar tropes but great Q & A.

        The big message: organize, without a strong social movement behind it, political expression is inadequate. We need civil disobedience; unrelenting protest.

        The great obstacle of course, is that so many people are just subsisting, with neither the time, energy or enthusiasm to function outside of daily drudgery and survival mode. Only, that is precisely the point.

        So wise leadership and informed initiative must be a primary prerogative ~ if that is an appropriate term; meaning, the capacity to act as a purposeful right, motivated by ethical intent. Hence the importance of student activism, coherent literacy, intellectual continuity. Political consciousness.

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