Abby Martin: The Censored Reality Of The Refugee Crisis


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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Oct 30, 2015

Today 60 million human beings are displaced by war and extreme poverty. Many European countries are responding to the crisis with racist hysteria and polices, backed by police measures.

Abby Martin exposes the facts that are left out of the mainstream reporting: the role of criminal wars, disastrous neoliberal economics and why mass displacement is a permanent feature under this system.

Featuring interviews with:

Atossa Abrahamian, journalist and author of the new book “The Cosmopolites: The Coming of the Global Citizen” (Twitter: @atossaaraxia)

Professor Saskia Sassen, sociologist and expert on human migration, currently serving as co-chair of Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University. She just published her latest book on the subject, “Expulsions.” (Twitter: @SaskiaSassen)

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14 thoughts on “Abby Martin: The Censored Reality Of The Refugee Crisis

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  14. Brilliant series. Stark reality. Profound wisdom from Prof. Saskia Sassen, she articulates the core problem exquisitely. The best summary in very few words I’ve ever heard. That is genius.

    While millions suffer, we must endure those many ignorant “westerners” who seem to crave saccharine reassurances of superiority, or relish the excuse to vent their psychopathic inadequacies on victims of circumstance.

    What we are witnessing today, rather than “experiencing” unless caught up in it, is a grotesque ritual of genocidal inhumanity on a scale that seems to grow exponentially at the behest of the insane patrons and perpetrators of these securely designated “sacrifice zones.” They are the lunatic architects of global enclosures that will destroy all sustainable life as we know it.

    Seems to me that the extreme fascist cults of the past have not changed an iota, only rearranged their “couture.” What once appeared to be a searing bloody rite of passage, now threatens to be a terminal planetary affliction that is precipitating generic extinction.

    See this example of madness unchecked, a recent Mint Press article

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