Name 11 Things That You Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving by Rocket Kirchner

Beautiful Fall Day 2013

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
Originally published November 19, 2012
Revised November 26, 2015

Sometimes we human beings just have to sit down now and then and take stock. Gratefulness is not only good for reflection, but it is also very healthy for the soul. There is a lot to complain about in this world of pain and fire and steel. A lot. But let us just for a moment seek to invert complaint if only for a few minutes, and list the top 11 things that we are grateful for this year. Here are mine. I would like to hear yours.

1. This year’s musical accomplishments.

2. Many a bright afternoon sky.

3. Food.

4. Brisk weather after that hot summer drought.

5. God’s undying love for me.

6. Real friends with great face to face conversation.

7. Specific books I bought this year.

8. The ability to be kind to others.

9. Those who are tolerant of my mistakes.

10. Seeing my cousins again after all these years and reconnecting with my brother Steve.

11. My son and his lovely wife Brooke.


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10 responses to “Name 11 Things That You Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving by Rocket Kirchner

  1. Hey everyone — as we end the Thanksgiving weekend it looks like from reading the comments of you all that we have a lot gardeners here, and planet Earth lovers. Cool. Also Friendship high on all our lists.

  2. And another one from Facebook. This is from Angel:

    “1. My First Nations ancestors 2. my parents (RIP mom) 3. All the rest of my family (really!) 4. All of my friends from Japan, here in the bay area, and FB friends from around the world. 5. my little friends at home–Rosee and the 3 treat cats 6. material bounties such as roof over my head, a job, warmth, food, an clean water 7. PEACEMAKERS–REAL peacemakers who by their lives change others around them 8. people who get out and inform us of the TRUTH (like YOU Lo! 9. people who go out and share medicine, food, and otherwise aid the less fortunate 10 people who are working to save our beautiful earth 11. clear skies at night lit with stars and moon 12. the endless beauty of our planet”

  3. This one is from Jane:

    “I too, am grateful for THE GARDEN & Chip The Munk, and Tom the Cat….and great blogs like Dandelion Salad and online friends and fam.”

    • Thanks so much, Jane. I am thankful for all the long-time readers of Dandelion Salad, and the new ones, too. And all the writers and photographers who share their work freely for the blog.

  4. 1. Having faith
    2. Family
    3. Health
    4. Being able to see and appreciate “art” everywhere and anywhere :)
    5. Veganism ❤️🐔🐷🐮❤️
    6. Hot tea
    7. Having a job I don’t hate (even though it can be very annoying at times ;) )
    8. Books
    9. Music
    10. Fall weather
    11. Friends

    • Wow, thank you, Shari for your list and for commenting for the first time on Dandelion Salad. Very much appreciated!

      I like your number 4, however, I see numbers “everywhere and anywhere” and also appreciate them. Knowing you, you forgot to add your pets. Of course, they are probably considered under number 2. Family.

      Number 1 is the same for me. Without God in my life, well, it wouldn’t be a very good life.

      Love to you, Lo

  5. This is from Elaine who had trouble posting a comment so I am posting for her.

    “I am grateful for our garden and sane friends in a world of madness.”

  6. I guess none of the readers are thankful this year, Rocket.

    I’m grateful for all my new (& old) neighbors in the new neighborhood, among many others things, too.

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