John Pilger: It is the West that Created this Monster


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Dandelion Salad

with John Pilger

goingundergroundRT on Nov 25, 2015

Afshin goes underground with one of NATO imperialism’s greatest chroniclers, John Pilger. The award-winning journalist and filmmaker tells us how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS, and why he can’t imagine Labour Party changing.

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  16. Thank you Lo for posting this quintessentially lucid analysis from arguably the sanest commentator in the UK. What then do we do?

    We are living through an unprecedented crisis in world affairs because of ~ not despite ~ the criminal complicity of unequivocally irresponsible, unaccountable and fundamentally immoral elements within government(s.)

    The Western powers so-called have “lost this war, ” because their fanfare about rear-guard Pyrrhic victories are fabricated from a tissue of propagandist deceits, as John Pilger makes clear, unchallenged, augmented and amplified by persuasive but corrupt interests & mendacious, prejudiced (partisan) “mainstream” media.

    What now? To call our government(s) to account and prevent further atrocities and abuses of power, is a noble exhortation; easy enough to commend, but exceedingly difficult to implement. Part of the solution must rest with the freedom of the press, and “august” assemblies like the UK House of Lords, that still can function as an intelligent check to irascible government institutions and their dogmatic hegemons or appointed, token representatives.

    The tyranny of the “majority” is a notoriously difficult circle to square, but what constitutes that majority is largely determined by the instruments that frame it, namely the propaganda agencies, academic “specialists” and the so-called free press.

    • It’s a sad day indeed dw, that things have come to this. I am sure there must be some voices that speak for those lost souls, that even advocate ways of reconciling the aboriginal, indigenous past with a universal future. We should not forget that the world’s most advanced pioneers of regenerative permaculture are in Oz….

      ….I’d say they are anything but lost, but are actually exemplary leaders in restoring what has been so tragically laid to waste, by the wanton agencies of unrestrained ecocidal depredation. These brave bioneers are a superb example to us all.

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