Chris Hedges: Intolerance Is A Result Of A Political And Cultural Crisis In The U.S.

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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Dec 11, 2015

Investigative journalist Chris Hedges joins RT’s Simone Del Rosario to talk about his recent column, The Age of Demagogues. “What we’re seeing with the rise of figures like Donald Trump,” says Hedges, “is the consequence of the breakdown of the traditional liberal class.” A largely enraged and disenfranchised white underclass is turning against the liberal establishment that betrayed their interests for corporatism. This backlash has taken the form of racism, bigotry, intolerance, and homophobia, says Hedges.

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3 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Intolerance Is A Result Of A Political And Cultural Crisis In The U.S.

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  2. No, US bigotry is not a consequence of a crisis, Americans have always been bigots. racial violence has been encouraged by the White oligarchy that historically as owned and ruled the USA. The USA has largely been based on homicidal racist imperialism, the killing of non-White people, or the threat to kill them, in order to subjugate them in order to steal their collective and personal property and power. We have just been prevented by the truth institutions of power from understanding our history, so the racist violence has been sanitized out of the history books, especially the schoolbooks.

    however it is true that at the present time, the majority of babies born in the USA are non-White. So US-America is in a historical transition to becoming a non-White country. So White people are in favor of deporting undocumented Hispanics and preventing dark-skinned Muslims from migrating to the US. This has a reasonable basis, but of course is expressed in a vulgar racist way typical of American culture. That is the source of Trump’s popularity.

    • Trump is opposed to religious freedom . Period . it is almost like when Pope Francis came to the US in September, he was prophetic talking in every speech about religious freedom . It was a heads up .

      that is why he met with people of all faiths , to drive the point home. The color of the skin of Muslims is not what Trump is screaming about because there are white Muslims also – converts.

      Trump believes in the first amendment for himself ONLY but not others. The first hammers home religious freedom . Period . The race issue is there , true . He is starting with the Muslims first , then he will move on to other religions.

      He has a double standard.

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