Socrates Meets Donald Trump by Rocket Kirchner

Donald Trump's Gaudy White-House

Image by KAZ Vorpal via Flickr

by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
December 13, 2015

Socrates: Excuse me, Mr. Trump, but could you spare a moment?

Trump: Sure.

Socrates: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Socrates.

Trump: Hello there, Socrates. We meet all kinds here on the streets of New York. What can I do for you, sir?

Socrates: I just have a few questions.

Trump: Fire away, pal.

Socrates: I have noticed something about your country’s media. They seem to misquote almost everyone.

Trump: They sure do.

Socrates: They actually said that you said you saw a group called the Muslims cheering on the New Jersey shore after the Twin Towers went down.

Trump: I did say that.

Socrates: You did? Hmm. Well, did you provide any evidence?

Trump: I saw it with my own eyes on television.

Socrates: Is this invention called the television the same thing that the media uses to misquote most people?

Trump: Yes, but on that day, Socrates, they were accurate in their reporting. I personally will vouch for that.

Socrates: But they themselves have denied ever reporting it. I don’t understand.

Trump: That is the problem with our media.

Socrates: No, Mr. Trump, that is the problem with you not providing any evidence to back up your statement. You see the burden of proof lies with the person who makes a claim. This is known in Latin as Onus Probandi. This renders you as inaccurate as the media you criticize.

Trump: But I saw it, I tell you!

Socrates: No proof, no evidence, leaves you with no credibility. Period.

Trump: But!

Socrates: There are no buts, and I am the one asking the questions. Next question has to do with a statement you made having to to with the Muslims again. You said that you want to make sure that no more of this group comes into your country because you don’t want another event like the Twin Towers. Is this correct?

Trump: Yes.

Socrates: What does this group known as the Muslims have to do with the destruction of the Twin Towers?

Trump: Because they brought them down!!!

Socrates: Where is your evidence, Prima Facie, without a reasonable doubt?

Trump: Well, of course they did. Who else could it be? It is obvious.

Socrates: What is obvious? It could have been anyone. Once again you have no proof, no evidence, which leaves you again with no credibility. Period.

Trump: I can’t believe you! C’mon, Socrates or whoever you are, this is common knowledge. Everyone knows this.

Socrates: Oh, really. Everyone? If everyone knows it, then where is the proof? You treat speculation as fact. Only fact is fact. Does everyone in your country believe in myths, fables, hearsay, accusations and condemnations without tangible evidence?

Trump: Now, wait just a minute!

Socrates: No, you sir, wait just a minute. You fail to understand how a dialectic works. There is Thesis and Antithesis. Your Thesis on everything I have heard so far falls into the ledger of no evidence. My Antithesis on the other hand falls into the other ledger of the demand for this evidence.

Trump: I am not a philosopher as you claim to be, I am a businessman.

Socrates: I don’t claim to be a philosopher, I am one. And logic and evidence apply equally in philosophy as they do in business. Last question.

Trump: Hit me!

Socrates: You stated that London police would not go into certain areas of that city because of fear of what people call the terrorists. Correct?

Trump: Correct.

Socrates: Proof?

Trump: Oh, for crying out loud.

Socrates: Boris Johnson, the mayor of London called your statement, “Complete and utter nonsense”.

Trump: Hahahah! The mayor of London does not know the city as well as I do.

Socrates: Oh really? So you know more than the mayor of his own city, more than the entire media, more than those investigating the destruction of the Twin Towers, and probably more than any American?

Trump: You bet I do!

Socrates: Then you have no need to run for president, because you are already the president of your own mind that has a mouth that churns out statements without facts. Yes, indeed! You are the president of strong delusions, the president of grand illusions, and the president of the palace of nowhere, nothing, nada, nil. I bid you good day, Mr. President.

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10 thoughts on “Socrates Meets Donald Trump by Rocket Kirchner

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  2. Socates is both right and wrong as is Donald Trump, Democatic thought dos not exist at any point in space A, or B it exists only in the transition between the points,TRUTH BY ITS NATURE IS SUBJECT TO FUTURE TIME

    • James – correct in the Socratic sense even given the Greek notion of Eternal Verities . Over the arc of time the picture gets clearer .

      However , had it been Christ talking to Trump – his words are not subject to space / Time given the faith proposition that Christ IS the truth .

      Herein lies the difference between eternal verities of the Greeks and the Eternal mindset concept of the Messianic Hebrews where The Eternal invades the illusion of time .

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