Jill Stein: US Pursuing Regime Change in Iraq, Syria, Aiming For Iran

Jill Stein Addressing the March

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RT America on Dec 28, 2015

The US presidential elections are just around the corner, the great fight for the seat of power. However, while Democrats and Republicans are all over the mainstream media, there are still those candidates who are forced out of the debate. The so-called “third parties” – what do they have to propose for the American people? Why is their agenda so scary for the Dems and GOPs that they try hard not to let their voice be heard? Today, we ask the US presidential candidate from the Green Party. Jill Stein is on Sophie&Co.

Updated: Dec. 28, 2015

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein on Bernie, Hillary & a “Green New Deal” (Interview w/ Cenk Uygur)

TYT Interviews on Dec 21, 2015

The Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein is serious about running for president, and taking on the system that drives up student loan debt and healthcare costs, cuts taxes for the rich, promotes endless war while flooding weapons across the Middle East, and bails out the criminals on Wall Street while channeling young African-American males into the school-to-prison pipeline.

In this wide-ranging interview with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, Stein also shares:

– Her plan to drive young people to the polls by promising to eliminate student debt
– Why, as much as she admires Bernie Sanders, the Democratic machine will never let him win
– Her strategy for dealing with ISIS
– The lessons of the Obama presidency
– Her position on Black Lives Matter
– Why no one else will deal with the urgency of the climate crisis
– How her plan for a Green New Deal can turn back the tide against climate change while providing jobs and promoting a thriving economy

For more information about the Jill Stein candidacy, visit http://www.jill2016.com/

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15 thoughts on “Jill Stein: US Pursuing Regime Change in Iraq, Syria, Aiming For Iran

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  6. I very rarely watch videos of politicians or activists, as I am more oriented towards reading written materials. However, I watched this one, which reinforces my conviction that none of the other candidates comes even close to Jill Stein in knowledge, articulateness, honesty, and integrity. She has the courage to identify the roots of the problems of wars and turmoil in the Middle East and propose some credible solutions. She also has credible proposals for solutions of the great problems of environmental destruction, unemployment, poverty, racism, and students’ debt. She is thinking out of the box and innovatively and creatively. It is the electorate that is stuck in the same old mold. In spite of all the established obstacles in her way, she continues her struggle. If she could get into the debates, she is capable of beating all the other candidates and exposing their flaws, hypocrisies, and contradictions. However, I doubt that even that will get through the reified mass psychology of the electorate, which is addicted to the two parties and celebrity worship. Celebrity worship is widespread in this country and is now considered a form of psychopathology, called Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS). According to some studies, 30 percent of Americans have some level of CWS. However, those estimates are based upon partial categories of celebrities. If all the categories are included, it is possible that majority of American have CWS.

    As far as the party building is concerned, it does not depend only on the leaders or members of a party. More importantly, it depends on the citizens and voters and their level of politico-economic consciousness. More than anything else, it is the American electorate, which is the greatest obstacle in the way of building alternative parties or political economy.

    • I totally agree with your comment Fazal. I also think we should look to the mechanisms and institutions of so-called “representative” governance and question the authenticity of the laws that underwrite their procedural gestalts.

      So far as this dire celebrity affliction goes, I think it is significant that especially rich, ie “successful” celebs get adulated, because they embody the cliched American way, the dream of fantastic libidinous achievement whose signature indicators are abundant glamour, conspicuous spending power, and alleged philanthropic benevolence (ostentatious patronage.)
      The naked truth is, the entire system is greased, spun and perpetuated by cynicism, selfishness and poisonous deceit.

      Much of it can surely be ascribed to the desperate eagerness of starved and impoverished immigrant aspiration, the orphaned longing for a decent, caring society by those seeking a better life.

      Understandable, but how many consider the fate of the displaced indigenous populations, whose erasure cleared the way for this unregulated orgy of American consumerism?

  7. No third-party candidate, especially Jill Stein, will be taken seriously by anyone who relies on MSM for their “information”. Those who do not, know that she is the only candidate who tells the truth.

  8. She has absolutely NO interest in governing, nor in the hard work of party-building. It is a shame that anyone takes her seriously as a candidate.

    • Thanks, Jenny, good point. Is it Jill Stein or the Green Party that doesn’t want to do the “hard work of party-building”?

      In my personal experience in working on the Nader campaign in 2000, The Green Party was so disorganized, it was almost unbelievable.

    • It is very difficult for any of the third parties to be taken seriously as it’s so difficult to get on each of the states’ ballots. Also, they are never invited to the debates. So, is it the fault of these candidates, or the absolute control of the elections by the Republican Party and the Democratic Party?

      • It really is an epic tragedy. Greens everywhere have similar problems, and I think the reason is the “greenness” is an ideological and aspirational phenomenon rather than a global party with a policy agenda that can make sense.

        What we must do is articulate a new understanding of what government really means ~ who benefits? Not only that, we need effective laws that underwrite those principles. Those laws have to be based on a heuristic methodology, that allows “reflexively” for the emergence of an adjustable, fully accountable mechanism a rational of power sharing.

        Take the issue of US bases: does anyone in their right mind envisage a total and immediate withdrawal of American forces worldwide? That is simply absurd. What fills the vacuum? The logistics of such a cold-turkey approach are utterly forbidding. You need a coherent international plan, a strategic basis for action founded on binding treaty obligations.

        The only change that can happen is change that makes long-term sense to all participating parties; so how likely is that, when the principle negotiators do not even speak each others languages? This is sheer fantasy, make-believe Hollywood politics.

        It’s just not real. What is real, is the gridlock crisis we are presently stuck in.
        As Einstein is so often quoted as advising us, we need genuinely innovative & original new solutions for those problems that have been created by the very mindset that is habitually invoked to cure them. How many times have we heard that nostrum? So why don’t we apply it??

        So what is actually new, what has truly changed in the last 50 years? In a word ~ ecology; & our understanding of how the world and life itself actually works. Put that together with our evolving consciousness of gender and species relations, and we have a deeply apposite recipe of authentic options to explore, develop, put to work and act upon.

        Scale that up imaginatively and you have a cosmologically contextual future worth contemplating.

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