Keiser Report with Gerald Celente: Bankism, Oil Prices and US Election Insanity + Happy New Year 2016


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Happy New Year!

RT on Dec 31, 2015

In this special New Year’s Eve episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to trends forecaster Gerald Celente of about the upcoming trends for 2016. They recall that a few years ago, Celente forecasted on the Keiser Report that we would see currency war, trade war and hot war, and they ask whether or not this has come true in 2015. They discuss ‘bankism’, oil prices and US election insanity and what they hold for the future of the global economy.


Festive fireworks light up night sky as New Year is welcomed in Moscow

RT on Dec 31, 2015

New Year’s fireworks appear in Moscow night sky.

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9 thoughts on “Keiser Report with Gerald Celente: Bankism, Oil Prices and US Election Insanity + Happy New Year 2016

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  2. Flat-earthism = bankism. There is no horizon, just eternal profit in ever extending sheets of abstract ownership. The only problem with tiling the entire globe with promises to pay, is that nothing can grow, it all gets choked to extinction.

    These G-Sachsy clowns seems to be in denial about the facts of life. What goes around? The planet…&… guess what, it’ll keep coming around.

    As for the old jaw jaw war business, we have had nothing but. World murder in post-modern exponential trumps whatever Steven Pinker assures us about violence levels. Just wait until we get Hillary on the nuclear keyboard. The new trick is to figure out just how “we” redefine our real enemy. Oh, right, of course, it’s us….oops, same old, same old genocidal necessity.

    The only problem with that ultimate solution is, nuclear blowback is instant. So lets hear it for the fundamentalist St Louis “slow death by biotech design” boys ‘n girls.

    You want a bigger share of the poison pie? Hell you’re welcome to eat the whole Frankenfood feast! Great stuff Gerald & Co.

      • Thanks Lo, fireworks indeed ~ what a year we have in store for us. My personal prognosis is that the big ecological coin is about to drop into the mental machinery of mankind and sabotage this mindless corruption. Stupidity cannot rule.

        The sound of “success” is being retuned, that old money music is a deafening cacophony of redundant mismanagement and abuse of earthly gifts, “automatically” quarantined from the real processes of life ~ in the name of what?.

        This is the inevitable outcome of diseased religious hypocrisy coupled with the class-caste iniquitous logic of proto-industrial enclosure reinforced by bad science.

        Financial “pseudo-priestcraft” and elite exclusion is literally killing us by assigning this nebulous category “the people” to commercially prescriptive pods of mechanised control….but humanity is not just an automated resource to be exploited, farmed for its factory sweat by privileged overlords in terror zones of police enforcement.

        I am convinced (real) governments will soon find it morally imperative under compulsion of revolt, to organise gargantuan deployments of humanitarian navies and emergency teams ~ prepare land/sea rescue airlifts for the biblical numbers who are now so acutely prone to anthropogenic climate disruption…

        …not to mention the imminent likelihood of seismic accident ~ take just one conspicuous example that was unknown before plate tectonics were discovered: Istanbul lies directly on a fault line.

        Life is essentially heuristic, but we ought to be learning something from our errors, surely?

        So we can either play the profit-at-any-cost game, “how to destroy a planet in one easy lesson” or invest in the intelligent business of life. Simple enough really, the choice is ours.

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