Chris Hedges and Allan Nairn: America’s Death Squads

Smash State Sanctioned Terrorism

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

teleSUR English on Jan 4, 2016

In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges sits down with investigative journalist Allan Nairn to discuss his experience covering wars across the globe, and the U.S.’s role in fueling such conflicts. The two discuss the mechanics of Western intervention, and the consequences that are still unraveling today.


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9 thoughts on “Chris Hedges and Allan Nairn: America’s Death Squads

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  6. I can scarcely find words to express the gravity and significance of this interview.

    I do not recall ever having heard a more profound indictment of the iniquity of absolute power.

    We have reached a stage in human affairs, when we have been consigned to acquiescent irrelevance, complicit in an agenda of utter contempt for life, expected to seek meagre solace from the least worst option. Our world (or “their” world) is a sewer of hereditary filth that is beyond description.

    We can neither trust nor invoke the authority of governments. Once proudly independent institutions have succumbed to the agencies of financial coercion. Corruption is god. Every pillar of morality is undermined.

    Inherited privilege now confers arrogant exemption from wise counsel or rational accountability. Crime has become a glamorous asset, a meaningless epithet signifying nothing, but the obligatory procurement of ruin as a reflexive prognostic necessity of elite nihilists.

    This is the darkest and most appalling age of which humanity can boast, an epoch that exhausts even the gravest tableau of sinister gods and their ugliest appetites for entropy.

    We must fight this demon of failure; resist creeping apathy and overcome inertia; banish despair & invoke invincible courage & certainty; refuse to accept the inevitability of humanity’s impoverishment of spirit; we shall conquer adversity only if we affirm the triumphant emergence of what is, as yet, the promise of a universal justice of which we have but a glimmer of understanding.

    What that may actually feel like in its true form nobody may know, but within every child dwells that supreme nascent aspiration, the assurance of a maturity worthy of dutiful expression; a destiny that resonates responsively to innate but purposeful, single-minded spiritual intent.

  7. hard to think America is anything other than a corporate terrorist organization having lost its way and morality is the first casualty of corporate profiteering.
    Almost a sad day when Obama restricts gun ownership, America will not be the same without news of more killings?

    • What is even more sickening dw, is the spectre of a president shedding tears over the gratuitous murder of innocents, who apparently does not find himself beholden to the American electorate to admit even a shred of remorse, for the violent dismemberment and ruthless slaughter of those who are the innocent victims of deliberately targeted, US drone attacks…..

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