Chris Hedges and Cornel West: Faux Liberalism Serves the Oligarchic Cabal


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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges and Cornel West

The New School on Oct 15, 2015

Sponsored by The Nation Institute and The New School, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and acclaimed author Chris Hedges sits down for a one-to-one interview with public intellectual, academic and activist Cornel West.

We are riding the crest of a revolutionary epic: from the historic referendum against austerity in Greece to #BlackLivesMatter and the Fight for $15. In his new book, Wages of Rebellion, Chris Hedges—who has long chronicled the malaise of a society in moral decline — investigates what social and psychological factors cause revolution, rebellion, and resistance. In what will be a timely and thought-provoking conversation, Cornel West will engage Hedges’ on his message that popular uprisings in the United States and around the world are inevitable in the face of environmental destruction and wealth polarization and together discuss the moral imperative of revolt.

Location: The Auditorium at 66 West 12th Street, Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Hall
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm

[Q&A begins at 1:03:05]

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  6. Fine talk.

    Solidarity is synonymous with conscious and conscientious engagement, with our own lives and those of each other in mutual respect. I am not a believing literalist, nor do I defer to any of the professed experts in atheism or any other ism for that matter; but I recognize and admire the power and strength of true religion when it is manifest in action motivated by spiritual intent and commitment to lucid and coherent principle. Moreover, wisdom cannot be bottled, branded and sold. It arises of its own volition and in its own time.

    Human beings need relationship and fellowship; we thrive in community ~ or as W. Berry coined it, as a communion of subjects. That is what sovereignty is. That is also what is lacking in the capitalist enterprise, that is essentially a neo-Darwinian cut-throat affair, that attracts the ruthless and the despotic.

    Chris Hedges articulates these truths with great conviction. Cornel West’s sincerity and wit are a superb counterweight. There is great stoicism and Socratic understanding communicated in this stirring conversation.

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