World War III – The New Axis of Evil

World War 3 - XXVIII

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StormCloudsGathering on Jan 28, 2016

The alliances and proxies of the Syrian Front explained.

The concept that humanity is teetering on the edge of third world war is no longer the domain of the lunatic fringe.

Those of you who have been paying attention know that in reality, the war is already underway. In this video we’re going examine the profiles of the key players and the alliances they’ve formed, expose their motives, and present evidence of crimes that they’ve already committed.

World War III – The New Axis of Evil
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  7. considering the fact that the American Empire was part of the axis of evil in WW2 this should come as no surprise.

    unless you are surprised to find out that they were with the Allies , when Hiiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresdon was as about as evil as it gets they qualify as the axis back then .

  8. Personally, despite the cogent summary, I cannot subscribe to this catch-all cliche of WWIII. Whatever we call it, it’s just more war. More blood, more pollution ~ infinite black holes of terminator treasure.

    The current idea being eagerly pursued by the infatuated kindergarten killers haunting the repellent USMA strategic/BAE/Hexagon-fantasy sphere, is the “autonomous” battlefield. As has already been pointed out, once robotic systems take over, where are the human beings? The whole notion is preposterous and self-annihilating. We might just as well occupy a Moon or two for international space-jousting.

    There is no “solution” to this interminable spiral of destruction, and there cannot be one until the idea of destruction consumes itself. So maybe this is the only answer, virtual armageddon. Symbolic rites of war enacted by geeks and boffins. Its the sort of thing that Bill Gates probably dreams of in his $78bn comatose nestbed.

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