Abby Martin: The Empire’s Border: A Hidden War, Part 2

A National Guard Soldier from the 29th Brigade Combat Team, assisting the U.S. Border Patrol

Image by The U.S. Army via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Feb 5, 2016

In the second installment of this two-part episode, Abby Martin continues her investigation of the hidden war on the U.S.-Mexico border, looking at the root causes of the epidemic of migrant deaths. The Empire Files documents an inflated, paramilitary Border Patrol, the devastating impacts of NAFTA, how the U.S. Empire benefits from immigrant labor and what can change the equation.

Featuring interviews with Todd Miller, author of ‘Border Patrol Nation’, and Araceli Rodriguez, mother of Jose Antonio, a 16-year-old boy murdered by Border Patrol.

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16 thoughts on “Abby Martin: The Empire’s Border: A Hidden War, Part 2

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  8. Thank you Abby and your team ! This is the real story of Empire ! An Empire that exploit, threat, kill, lie and this brutality continue on the other side of the borders where they install their puppet regimes !
    USA and their Corporate Rule is threat to the whole world ! Beware ! All of us have to resist and defend real authentic democracy against Corporate Rule with their aim to make all of us to illegal immigrants in a world where only Corporations have rights !

  9. It is so hard to love the United States of America. What a psychotic cauldron of seething putrescence it is.

    I suppose the real question is whether it is the least worst of all the present global powers, since every single entity on Earth has its political history, its scars, its triumphs and disasters, its conflicted record of rights & attainments, its villainous abuses & often indescribable atrocities.

    Watching and listening to this second part, I am struck by the strong similarity between this example of ruthlessly efficient, totally unnatural restriction and the grotesque wall that segregates Gaza from the sanitized piety of a holier “civilization.” Almost as though they were conceived, designed and implemented by the very same diseased, deluded racist mind.

    People who crave authority & express their vulnerability in the desperate need for frenzied barricades, are obviously so terrified of exposure they must have something sinister and despicable to hide…all those secret fetishes & guilt-ridden blood trophies, they have so greedily embellished with the shame of their base cowardice.

    • I second your comments, David!

      The police are trigger-happy or as you say are so terrified of exposure that they’ll blast an unarmed man to kingdom come using umpteen bullets.
      The slow-moving Universal Clock (intangible) for advancing progress and personal development of a spiritual and intellectual nature has been tampered with by the sinister forces of greed and power, and it has been steadily rotating backwards, perhaps stopping or breaking apart when entering the Dark Ages again.

      Heaven help us!

  10. Three cheers for Abby Martin for making this sad, but revealing documentary about the Mexican/American border situation, and how detrimental NAFTA was to the Mexican people, courtesy of Slick Willy Clinton in promoting NAFTA which Bush Senior couldn’t pass.

    But give an adult child a gun and a license to kill, he or she will want to use that “toy” and make their “bones.”


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