Chris Hedges: Bernie Sanders Is Not a Socialist + The Stimulator: #BernedOut

Bernie Sanders - Painting

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Feb 11, 2016

TRNN’s Paul Jay and journalist Chris Hedges debate the significance of Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the 2016 presidential race.



stimulator on Feb 10, 2016

As the media-fueled spectacle of election season heats up in the United Snakes, many anarchist and anti-authoritarian comrades are experiencing a serious case of deja fucking vu. Once again, we find ourselves engaging in the same stupid fucking debates with liberals, so-called “progressives” and other fair-weather radicals, about the pitfalls of electoral politics, all while being talked down to, as though we’re just naive, contrarian ideologues, who don’t know what we’re fucking talking about.

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11 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Bernie Sanders Is Not a Socialist + The Stimulator: #BernedOut

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  6. The Stimulator is amazing, just try to unpack what is in those brilliant five minutes ~ that’s at least a year’s undergraduate degree content in less than 300 seconds, woah!

    As for Chris & Paul Jay. Interesting exchange. It may not be all as black and white or predictable as they both contend. Throw in a little extra spectral-hued dimension, like indigenous Red with a tint of Yellow peril and we’ll soon see the sparks flying.

    If Sanders is just the patsy for Clinton, then all will become clear(er) in due course ~ if not, then maybe nothing is ever quite as certain as the cunning spinners of participatory illusion would wish.

    Folktruther makes a strong point. Only if we can’t decide what socialism is yet because it is so dated, how conflicted would an unknowable “religious” (& equally) unknown quantity improve things? We may be empowered to question our legacy, that is, to say “whose” socialism exactly do we mean? but if so then for sure we’ll never be able to figure out whose religion is “religious” enough to qualify what is an already ambiguous articulation of a dislocated political morality.

    Why not, & maybe we really should, opt for a Permaculture Party as a serious contender for an alternative movement to boost the Green manifesto? I mean, how succinct is “planet care, people care and fair shares” ? ? ?

    Can anyone improve on that neat little trinity?

    • Great you enjoyed The Stimulator’s video. Dandelion Salad has been a long time fan of his work.
      See: 119 posts! I think it’s good to hear from the anarchists’ point of view.

      About defining Socialism, for every two socialists there are at least 3 opinions, haha.

      The Green Party needs to be much better organized, in my opinion. In order for any third party to be considered viable in the US, many, many changes to the system need to occur.

      I’d like to see a true Labor Party in the US but one that takes the environment very seriously.

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  9. Well, no, Sanders isn’t a socialist, and I assumed that he was just running FOR Clinton, to keep the Dems in the party. A minority run, and then support Clinton. But I was deceived by the media like every one else. I had no idea of the support for him by people who DO think he is a socialist. A surprise-free projection at this point, given his amazing increase in votes, is handily beating Clinton in vote totals.

    This leaves the Dem leaders with bad alternatives. They could manipulate the superdeligates to give Clinton the nomination anyway, losing the election as the Sanders people get pissed. They could buy off Sanders to get him less threatening to the oligarchy; he appears to be for sale. They could run him as he is and lose the Election, as they did to McGovern in 1972. They could shoot him at the appropriate time. No matter what they do, it appears, in my opinion, that they are going to lose the Election.

    But you have to understand that although Hedges is a wonderful writer, he isn’t a socialist either. Nationalist socialism is too 20th century to be viable in the 21st. What is needed is a socialism that is cultural in scope, with a spiritual-esthetic element that Hedges has initiated, but not fully expressed. In short, a religious socialism. In my opinion, this will emerge in the 21st century.

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