Abby Martin and Cornel West: Capitalism Cannot Exist Without Racism

You can't have Capitalism without Racism

Image by Terence McCormack via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Feb 14, 2016

During Black History Month, as the U.S. pays homage to African Americans who have changed the course of history, the establishment shows us a revised version that omits a critical piece: the Black radical political tradition.

Featuring interviews with Cornel West and others, and with speeches from legends like Mumia Abu-jamal and Angela Davis, Abby Martin provides a snapshot from the ‘Black Radical Tradition In Our Time’ conference held in Philadelphia.

This conference brought together around 1000 organizers, leaders and activists from around the country, with the goal of “challenging white supremacy and capitalism in anticipating the next stage of the Black liberation movement.”

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  13. This is a deep topic, almost impossible to shrink down to a few essential points. A couple of things occurred to me listening to the whole thoughtful piece.

    The first is the very different racial narrative within the US, compared to Europe particularly; because of its long history of imperialist wars, expansionist colonialism and primary responsibility for slavery that essentially financed industrialism. Wilberforce managed to abolish the former, but regrettably the latter has yet to be tamed.

    So much has changed for the “Old World,” while an awful lot more still needs to be better understood. It’s really a generational thing. I grew up immersed in prejudice here in the UK in the ‘fifties. So much is different now, but there remain many deep rooted reflexes that ripple through the epigenetic consciousness of peoples.

    Among the strongest in “advanced countries” is fear ~ xenophobia. The reason is clearly due to a type of spiritual malaise that corrupts the Intelligence of the Heart, closes us off from Nature & denies the Other. It’s a profoundly complex, nuanced and subtle matter, that is dramatically resonant with historical experience ~ but also thoroughly riddled with gender issues.

    The good news is the (historical) narratives are far more representative than they ever were in the past.

    • That’s OK, folktruther, but it did seem obvious that you were commenting on the title/photo. There’s so much more in this video report by Abby Martin. It’s well worth the time, in my opinion.

  14. You have to distinguish capitalist POWER from the capitalist market system. The Chinese people tend to be racist (see Martin Jauques , WHEN CHINA RULES THE WORLD) the racism left over from pre-revolutionary times, but the government is restricting racist economic relations is places like Africa to greatly benefit the African people.

    Free Enterprise capitalism will be racist however because the White capitalist oligarchy has historically used racism to serve its power interests.

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