America’s “In God We Trust” is a Deadbeat Dad by Rocket Kirchner


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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
February 26, 2016

I was recently musing about historical notions of the concepts of God with an Atheist friend of mine, and I asked him which ones he found offensive. I brought up Calvin’s God of predestination and the God of Deism. He said, “The God of Deism is worse than Calvin’s notion of God because he is a deadbeat dad.” Wham! A switchboard went off in my brain. As a Christian myself I have always hated the concept of the God of Deism. And guess what Ladies and Gentleman, that God is the “In God We Trust” on the dollar bill. That God was the God of the founding fathers. But just what is this concept of this God anyway?

The premise of Deism is that God created the universe and then basically said, “You are on your own boys.” In other words, no intervention. The reasoning behind the Deists came from Galileo’s second law of motion that states that if God does not stop an object from moving it is basically meant to move. Of course, Galileo was not a Deist, however when Deists on both sides of the ocean started to extrapolate from Galileo, a very cold God was born. I read a real good overview many years ago of Deism by the great American Deists and I actually felt sick to my stomach. I kid you not. I thought to myself, that I am just reacting that way because Christ as a God of love had really intervened in my life? Maybe. Until my Atheist friend confirmed what I felt.

Now the big boys of the U.S. Constitution: Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, etc. were all stone cold Deists. So was Thomas Paine. Jefferson went so far as to actually put forth a translation of the New Testament and take out anything supernatural. I guess he was writing Jesus Christ Superstar in advance. Well, someone reading this might just think it doesn’t matter what you believe. Oh really? Ideas matter. Ideas impact the world and real human lives. Have you ever stopped to think about how this deadbeat dad of Deism has effected American heartlessness? The founding fathers pro-violence-false liberty may have been different had they not had embraced this God.

You might object and say that they were pro-liberty and disagree. Read Levy’s Book, Jefferson: The Darker Side. As President he was being very sneaky in undermining all his lofty liberty ideals with private letters to those in power in certain States to suppress any freedom of speech against those who criticized his administration. He also believed in slaves, and George Mason who didn’t, refused to sign the Declaration of Independence after writing a damning piece on slavery. Ideas matter. Boy, oh boy, do they matter. And they are at their most deadly when those high and mighty ideals say one thing and those who write them do another.

The whole American ideal is a hands off affair, just like its God printed on the one dollar bill. This God does not pay his child support. This God creates and leaves Americans as orphans. This God is a heartless God and is worshiped by people who began the country and keep it going by its own power, while equality and charity get tossed by the wayside. This God’s sperm is in the gutter and his love is in the sink. This God and his deadbeat disciples of non-intervention refuse to help those left by the roadside for dead. This God and his zombies would not know a real Christian if he kicked him in the ass. Neither would he know an real Atheist either. After all, where there is no passion, there is no feelings for others. Where there is no feelings for others, there is no town, city, or state. In fact, there is no nation.

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6 thoughts on “America’s “In God We Trust” is a Deadbeat Dad by Rocket Kirchner

  1. Great post Rocket!

    Without referring further to Bloom’s masterful characterizations of JAHVE…. that I note, without disrespect, is alarmingly reminiscent of “Java” the indescribably perfumed high….but seriously ~ and more soberly ~ what if this off-planet deity were to re-enter planetary history as the reclaimed heart of humanity, not gendered into solipsism as his own incarnation, but as the identity of righteousness itself ~ as our very own Living Sun, bold, brazen and beautiful beyond all description, a faithful Agent and local Regent of the Infinite Mystery of Time and the eternal sublimity of the abyss of Cosmic Night?

    The likes of Clinton/Trump would be at a loss to open their gaping mouths any wider, or declaim anything meaningful with coherent certainty, let alone invoke the Glory of Life Triumphant and Invincible….their enfeebling demiurgic deity of deceit and misdirection, thus abased and rendered a limp second at best, as mere inferior delusion and vain bluff.

    It takes courage to act as a true human being. Any genuine act of Truth accrues to the virtuous store that is Real Power.

    Continual lip-service to an indifferent (non-interventionist, as you say…) entirely imaginal (“égrégoristique”) patron, has crippled public life and made the entire despotic theater of US “representative” governance a global laughing stock and third rate entertainment industry.

    The equivalent in Europe would be if we were to propose reforming the sprawling 27-state EU according to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest!

    The fact of the matter is, that leadership as an authentic vocation, is the purest form of service ~ and those who aspire to serve, should therefore recollect just how diverse the ethical constituency of souls really is; for. inclusively it is a multi-species plethora of beings, whose existential needs, instincts, duties, responsibilities and rights reside in their innate capability to incarnate the best ~ not patronize the worst….

    The Spirit-less depravity and despicable cynicism, hypocrisy and narcissistic hype that fuels the “United States” is a horror show of unprecedented menace, to all natural life sustained within this Holy Hoop of Sacred Earth.

    • David , you could have wrote the article better than me ! Great response . Of course the cosmic counter to all this Bullshit now in American politics is Pope Francis insistence in word and deed is to reach out and change global Indifference .

  2. A lot of people would consider a consideration of various conceptions of God a discussion of religion. However your point that how we view Divine power influences how we view earthly power, and how the powerful themselves view it, is quite valid, and perceptive. And it is quite true that the Founding Fathers of the 18th century were Deists, possibly as a disguise in some cases for being atheists.

    However, US political culture was founded in the 17th century not the 18th century with the Independence War, and the founders were Puritans. They had a different conception of God than the Founders, a personal conception. Was that conception not carried over into the 21st century by Fundamentalists and Evangelicals?

    It is true that the ruling Elite might consider this primitive superstition, but did this not have an effect on the US-American conception of God.?

    • Most definitely . The Puritanical spirit and attitude can be found first in the self righteousness of the 19th century Transcendentalist movement as I pointed out in my article called: Emerson and the arrogance of self reliance.

      Puritanism is so ingrained in our culture that we don’t see it .

      It is also in today’s religious fundamentalism and Political correctness . It is about intolerance .

      The God of Deism still holds sway and they were not Atheists at all . They still are not . They justify their lack of interfering in lives for the better by stating that God does not intervene .

      This wicked form of sin of omission most Atheists of conviction would denounce along with guys like me who are Christians on the front lines of other Americans dire needs .

  3. religion has been a central driver of political culture historically, and certainly in the USA, which has been a highly religious country. however, it is not possible to discuss religion candidly on this blog if the discourse subverts conventional religious ideology.

    • Nobody is discussing religion . What is being presented here is the destructive elements of the American idea of Deity and how it has effective human actions . Since America is based on the whole notion of a God that does not intervene to help , that is why the American ruling class does not lift a finger to aid fellow Americans .

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