The Stimulator: The Revenge of the Fallists (#TPP)


This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

TPPA 2016-55

Image by Dominic Hartnett via Flickr

Dandelion Salad on Mar 7, 2016

This week we take a look at the nefarious capitalist mechanism called free trade agreements, with a focus on world wide resistance to the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership plus an update of anti-fascist resistance in Anaheim California.

from the archives:

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3 thoughts on “The Stimulator: The Revenge of the Fallists (#TPP)

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  2. All the news that fits from Klanada! The Stimulator never fails to do what it says…it’s a brilliant compilation, that cuts right to the chase.

    The issue of non-violent civil disobedience is a critical matter. How to protest against corporatized violence without being the obvious target of state sponsored industrial brutality.

    I think the point is this ~ the high-finance (mind-less) terror state needs mega protests to justify its escalating repression of “dissidents.” Crowd control is a massive arms trade business that corporatized governments all rely upon and have a heavy stake in. So the more protest the greater their “prosperity.”

    “The people” is a misnomer, it should more rightly be ~ Peoples. The people is an abused term that implies anonymous, even stateless, non-specific swarms of ignorant, helpless/hopeless humanity led by ignorance and fueled by bitter resentment.

    More precisely, we the “Peoples” are who we are by virtue of indigenous right. That is to say, our entitlement to what really exists ~ as stewards and custodians of our hereditary relationship to that which is real and alive; truths we can express in just words and courageous, creative deeds.

    We should do well to distinguish between terror and “terroire,” as the true French say. (The Franks were the original “free” Europeans after all.)

    Terroire is the soul of the land. It is the deeply occult spirit of indigenous ecosystems that are the sacred, beating heart of all legitimate native resistance to tyranny, to invasion and to exploitation by stealth or gratuitous violence. It is the living Sun of Truth, manifest and incarnate here as the sentient expression of a universal Earth….an Earth that embodies our life and in which we are embedded; and to which we return.

    As Thomas Berry so beautifully phrased it, “a community of subjects.” When we affirm this, we invoke the righteous power of enduring cosmic realities that sustain all existence. Subjectivity means sovereignty; and sovereignty bestows the power of understanding as an existential necessity. We can only ever be certain that we cannot know everything, but knowledge is also possibility ~ to fulfill what we truly are capable of.

    If the global student movement can begin to embrace this core principle, it will gain immense and indestructible force, through real Wisdom.

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