Chris Hedges: Bringing In More Troops To Iraq Is Pure Folly

2015 DC Spring Rising Agains War 7

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Mar 21, 2016

With the crisis in the Middle East escalating, it’s important to look at how the US got itself into the position it finds itself in today. So what responsibility does the US government have to Iraq to fight ISIS? RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by journalist and author Chris Hedges to discuss.

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7 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Bringing In More Troops To Iraq Is Pure Folly

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  6. The impunity of powerful and wealthy individuals to commit the most heinous crimes known to man has yet to become dealt with and ended. Until war criminals of the highest order anywhere on Earth suffer just punishment for their crimes, their destructive and horrific actions will continue. The International Criminal Court can end such immoral impunity when it becomes, through reform, mandatory for each United Nations member state to sign the Rome Statute and come under ICC jurisdiction.

  7. What can one add?

    I suppose it aught to be stressed, that we should be responding to this situation ~ this misanthropic ecocidal spectre of shattered realities ~ by methodically building an ever more coherent narrative; an inclusive, unprejudiced and perspicuous discourse, to initiate and ensure forensic global discussion and debate. We need a sincere and rational exchange of views, that can inform and address the appalling crisis that this morally depraved US neocon/pnac gang violence has literally dumped upon us, internationally at such grievous cost to life and to planetary well-being.

    The lineage of this ghastly trend toward an ever more desperate fanatic imposition of intimidating extractive force, can be traced all the way back to the Dulles years and the nuclear close of WW2.

    Now that the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear in Brussels, the time for pretense is long past. The prevailing myth that whatever the US does “in our name” is always for the most laudable reasons, motivated entirely by the best possible intentions, and the high-principled core obligation to preserve and prosper the “freedom and integrity of the West,” is an utterly bankrupt moral decrepitude, that must be disowned, discredited and discarded.

    It is all simply a preposterous deceit, an elaborate propagandist trope engineered through continuous guile, from sinister duplicity. The time to call this bluff and expose the cunning dissembling and widespread self-deception has arrived; it is now.

    If the mainstream “establishment” media refuse to cooperate with this pressing consensual need, then we must act with fortitude and strenuous urgency, to propitiate and promote fora that superannuate the old tired, cliched status quo of corporate foundational power.

    Sack the liars and the fakes, rid ourselves of this verminous, parasitic culture of mechanized loathing, spurious religiosity and psychotic paranoia; cleanse the stables, clear the decks and start over afresh. The blood, angst, suffering and horror will sweep over us if we do not, and the world will consume itself in a holocaust of irreversible cataclysmic destruction.

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