Abby Martin and Jill Stein: This Is A Multi-Organ Failure

Jill Stein Addressing the March

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Part of the way the U.S. Empire’s elections are rigged is the corporate media’s censorship of third-party candidates, despite their nationwide campaign efforts.

The Green Party, running Dr. Jill Stein for President—on a platform more progressive than Bernie Sanders—has been totally ignored by the establishment.

Abby Martin sits down with Dr. Stein to look at how her career in medicine helped her diagnose America’s “multi-organ failure,” and why her ideas pose such a threat to Empire.

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  13. Good interview, excellent diagnostics from Dr Stein…but how to persuade those who are most affected to correct this precipitous trend, when the key perpetrators of lethal climate disruption and habitat degradation are those very ecocidal criminals who purport to be the nation’s (& the world’s) most entitled guardians?

    The disease is planetary and endemic, so the necessary cure may be beyond the wit of “man” to dispense. All we can do is keep working together, stay committed and confident; continue to refine our analysis, and coordinate our methods to implement the most effective, plausible & realistic

    Two key areas of urgent concern: forests and oceans.

    Nature is the Great Physician. The more we heed Her Way and Wisdom, the greater will be our learning, our understanding and instinctive capacity to act from strength…

    • Thanks, David, so true. I don’t understand how climate change and the destruction of the world’s resources, forests, oceans are not the most talked about topic. It should be the central issue of the day.

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