WikiLeaks: Panama Papers Funded by US Against Russian President Putin

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RT America on Apr 7, 2016

Washington is behind the recently released offshore revelations known as the Panama Papers, WikiLeaks has claimed, saying that the attack was “produced” to target Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

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10 thoughts on “WikiLeaks: Panama Papers Funded by US Against Russian President Putin

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  5. This is getting stuck in the woods, rather than seeing the forest.
    A treasure trove is now open to see the hidden works of these bent lawyers and their clients.
    This was no hack; this is the work of a very profound whistleblower on a website with inadequate security.

    He/she had no control over what the paper would decide to do with the information. A GERMAN paper (yes, probably with the ICIJ on their backs) gave funding the investigation over to ICIJ, who at least had worked on tax haven, money laundering, large data set projects previously.

    The evidence the fix wasn’t in; no status quo seeker would want the Pirate Party taking control of Iceland, or see cries to see Cameron turfed out of the UK ruling circle. If that was the goal – to demonize Putin, they’ve done a REAL poor job of it! When confronted with the tangential evidence used as clickbait and newspaper selling contrivance, the world let out a collective sigh of “who cares”. The alphabetsoupers and the plutocrats are not an all-seeng, all-controlling, omnescient pack. Give us credit; with proper attention and time, we can work the implications of this massive dump.

    You can keep a scorecard if you don’t know the players! Lots of people are jumping the gun!

    This was a gift; let’s learn from it and hold our PLUTOCRATS and their appartchiks to account. Something should have been done about tax havens, money laundering, and corporate secrecy a looooooong time ago.

    It’s up to us to keep pushing – the governments and Soros, USAID aren’t going to do it. All the shenanigans were to have been expected.

    They don’t want us “little people” to realize that the PLUTOCRATS aren’t job creators, real humanitarians, patriots or anything but moral losers. They stole as much as they could esp. in the last decade and a half. Now at least it’s exposed how they did it …

    Many fine journaliists have done some great work here, new mode of approaching large amounts of data has emerged – and there are plenty of good suggestions floating around as to what us “little people” must demand. And I gotta say this – I wish people would read the whole ICIJ website, instead of cherry picking!.

    And HEARTFELT thank to the whistleblower (remember there is no financial wikileaks … )

      • Very complicated. Oh what a tangled web we weave….etc. Pepe Escobar claims it was a hack not a leak.

        USAID was CIA. Of course most everything was CIA during the Mighty Wurlitzer cold-war years.

        We need to track right back to the WW2 “Atlantic Charter” in 1941 and the ’50’s Dulles effect to understand all the attenuated linkages, including US “French Indochina” and how post-colonial Africa was retained and manipulated as a vital resource linch-pin for the emergent multinational cabals by the former European powers.

        It isn’t just big money itself, but the complex systems of sponsored governance, covert manoeuvre and investment that have shaped the structures of control through networks of affiliation, prestige and loyalty to power.

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