Chris Hedges: Saudi Arabia Plays a ‘Dark Role’ in the Middle East, Empowered by US

Don't Bomb Syria - London protest 28 Nov 2015

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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Apr 15, 2016

The Saudi-led coalition – including the nations of Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates – dropped US-supplied bombs into a Yemeni marketplace killing 119, according to Human Rights Watch. To discuss US arms sales to Saudi Arabia and ongoing legislation meant to curb it, Chris Hedges, author and former Middle East bureau chief for the New York Times, joins RT America’s Manila Chan.

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15 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Saudi Arabia Plays a ‘Dark Role’ in the Middle East, Empowered by US

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  13. I felt this was a tremendous interview. I notice he didn’t mention the Podestas by name, but I know what he is referring to anyway. Heavy PR influence, close to the Clintons.
    I know “if onlys … ” are for the dysfunctional BUT I sure wish that bill would pass and the House of Saud learned they cannot get away with their craziness. If only CONgress would help stop the madness. Now they’re theatening to ruin the dollar if the 28 pages on 9/11 get released. Just great guys.

      • Hmmm. Not sure if I can concur. I find this interview tentative and a bit vague. We need the clarification that a further discussion on Wahhabist influence and intent might confer. Who is using whom, at whose expense?

        The facts are war crimes have and are being committed in the M-east with apocalyptic impunity almost daily. The US hegemons turn a blind eye, and deny all responsibility, because their despicable lives depend on fascist business as usual (actually, on the innocent human blood they all feed on.)

        If Saudi Arabia was “behind 9/11” what does this really mean? Why and how, and for what purpose exactly ~ to what end? To implicate Iran, to support “zionist” ascendancy, to further war profits, to serve dynastic rivalries?

        If the US does not change, it will implode. In truth I think it probably already has. It resembles a writhing corpse. The recent Oxfam report that sidelines the spurious Pan Paps, claims the top fifty US corporations have something like $1.3 trillion in offshore tax evasion havens. The entire globalist establishment is lying through their rotting teeth.

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