Chris Hedges and Tim DeChristopher: Coping with the Reality of Climate Change Destruction

Global Warming

Image by Woody Hibbard via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

teleSUR English on Apr 25, 2016

In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews climate change activist Tim DeChristopher about the deadly failure of industrial world to confront the effects of climate change. The two discuss how climate change has, and continues to trigger social tension and injustice, and the necessary ethical response on the part of humanity as a whole.


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  7. Just briefly, to respond to your question Lo ~ my (maturing) view is being refined and deepened by something I heard Priscilla Stuckey (‘Kissed by a Fox’) talking about, that was actually an epiphany for me.

    Speaking of our relationship with the natural world she made this deep connection between spirit and instinct. Now I find this truly profound, In fact, for me it really summarizes the indigenous understanding of life, and why animals, wild nature and totemic wisdom have such colossal significance for us as humans.

    I would call that real spiritual grounding in a literal sense; and so far as I am concerned it needs to be the indispensable “rite of passage” that should be both acknowledged and sought proactively, through direct ‘cultural’ experience ~ not as dogma but through initiation, rightly understood.

  8. Civilization has a water problem. I believe it was Bill Mollison to whom the proactive response has been attributed “I don’t do problems, only solutions.”

    It’s a old truism that oil and water do not mix. War was once the most powerful agent of change, that has itself now changed. Climate disruption is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Oil/energy resource wars and water wars are closely entangled. The establishment “does” ecocide. We must “do” ecophilia. This must be our global moral agenda ~ no excuses.

    Not withstanding the priority of abstention from destructive extraction and resource stripping by ruining habitats, there is only one solution to this impending crisis ~ “successional” reforestation through permaculture.

    Confer Geoff Lawton’s work in Jordan for example, & John Liu’s documentary work

    We must act creatively, but most immediately refrain from acting irresponsibly. This policy spells the end of corporate ecocide. Either that changes, ie is stopped, arrested, & shut down or we are doomed.

    It all boils down to prudent investment and the consensual will to change ~ through the exercise of creative intelligence and applied ingenuity.

    It’s all very well for rich billionaires to claim their pathetic little mercenary fiefdoms, off in some firewalled estate in the back of beyond someplace, comfortably weathering the imminent storm; but it is quite another to raise our game internationally and exercise the maximum political pressure we can muster, to implement proactive strategies for resilience and sustainable provisioning. New economics, agro-ecology, ocean conservation ~ you name it! We know what we must do.

    No more excuses! It’s time to unhorse the greedy black riders. We have the knowledge, we have the wits, we need to appropriate the means. We can outperform the doom-sayers and cynics. It only takes something like 10% of committed activists to implement a coherent programme.

    So lets hear it for land reform, economic reform, political reform, the rule of law…..

    Listen up corporate shareholders! become planetary stakeholders ~ stewards, not thieves. Why invest in your own demise?…? It makes no sense whatever.

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