Abby Martin and Kshama Sawant: Fighting Hillary is How Progressives Win

Hillary Clinton - Caricature

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

Empire Files on May 30, 2016

As the flailing Hillary Clinton camp steps-up its attacks on Bernie Sanders, her poll numbers continue to drop—and for the first time, have her losing to Donald Trump in a general election.

On the cusp of the Democratic Party Convention, millions of Sanders’ supporters are wondering what to do other than vote for a ‘lesser of two evils.’

To gain some insight, Abby Martin interviews Kshama Sawant, an open socialist who just won re-election to Seattle’s city council—who also ran an insurgent campaign against the party establishment—about her advice to the Sanders’ movement, and how struggles like the Fight for 15 can keep advancing regardless of the presidency.

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  5. How refreshing it is to hear a gifted, intelligent human being articulating sane and persuasive truths about the US “system.”

    This is the most terrifying political cusp in human history! There never was a time or situation comparable in the known record of mankind, short of invoking some cataclysmic cosmic event.

    Our planetary microcosm is bristling with potential nuclear threat and literally creaking under the strain of colossal impending ecological catastrophe, on a scale unprecedented in the educated imagination of even our most all-encompassing intellectual exemplars.

    What does America do? It entertains us with spectacle, with political pantomime, it peddles us pseudo-science, cartoon caricatures and paranoid lunacies about “defending US interests” (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford’s favourite perennial mantra.)

    This propagandist insanity is profoundly disturbing. We need to switch off channel bogus and tune in to network enable…

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