Chris Hedges, Glen Ford and Jill Stein at the Left Forum 2016: Is Sanders the Answer to Building Left and Black Power?

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OpenUnivoftheLeft on May 24, 2016

Left Forum 2016, Is Sanders the Answer to Building Left and Black Power? Linda Thompson, Chair, Left Elect Coalition, Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party USA, Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, Chris Hedges, Truthdig.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Hedges, Glen Ford and Jill Stein at the Left Forum 2016: Is Sanders the Answer to Building Left and Black Power?

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  4. This is real good . three of my heroes ! Stein , Hedges , and Ford . Luxemberg was at the place where she was looking over the precipice as to what will happen next during her time in the Sparticist movement .

    but first things firs….t i think that they missed here . First we must thank Donald Trump- The Angel of Death for the courage to first crush once and for all not only the Bush Dynasty , the GOP , but the media .

    Next we must first thank Bernie Sanders -The Hebrew Prophet – for not dropping out of the race but having also the same manner of courage to dismantle the Democratic party and basically say in a polite manner with the facts of the system in hand that the Clintons time has passed . Next dynasty to fall.

    as a Third party man who has been in the trenches for decades i thank Trump and Sanders , and agree with Stein that it is time to seize the moment. .

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